• Level 1 Alignments

Activate Your Magnetism

We’re born with our own natural, distinctive magnetic energy that attracts the right people and opportunities to us.This magnetic energy acts as a beacon shining our light out. But over time, many of us learn to hide or suppress this energy because of the messages or lessons we learn around shame, guilt and shining too bright. This can leave us feeling empty, lonely and isolated.

This Alignment Will…

Activate your innate magnetism so authentic confidence can flow through to you. You will also have your pheromones – your physical body’s individual signal of attraction – turned up. This combination will magnetize people to you – not just your romantic soulmate but other kindred spirits such as loving, supportive friends, ideal clients, perfect business partners.

Activating the Ability to Heal Self and Others

Some of us carry unconscious (or sometimes even conscious) embedded beliefs, and energetic oaths, vows and contracts that we simply cannot heal or be healed by others. We believe that sickness, pain and struggle will bring us closer to God or serve to help us expand and reach our highest potential as healers. This belief often manifests as persistent illness, causing healers to remain sick in their own bodies even as they heal others.

Healers often also carry beliefs that they are not worthy of “being a healer”, that being a healer means walking the path in poverty, in struggle, in sacrifice, in pain in illness or that doing healing work is wrong, bad and only God, Priests or doctors are allowed to do healing work.

This Alignment Will…

Clear your beliefs, oaths and vows that you must suffer in some way, experience illness or feel any kind of emotional or spiritual pain to live and work as a gifted healer, and the beliefs around being unworthy, undeserving or lacking the ability to do healing work. This alignment is also activating your OWN natural ability to be physically, emotionally and spiritually healed and to heal others, through your OWN Source connection.

Advance with Ease and Joy

Advancement, positive growth, and expansion is the natural evolution of all beings. It is possible for these changes to happen without any stress on the body, emotions, mind and soul, but this is not the case for most of us. Many people experience physical, spiritual and mental distress and emotional upheaval when they are moving forward spiritually and in other aspects of life, causing them to shut down or hold back on their own evolution.

This Alignment Will… 

Clear conscious and unconscious beliefs that change is hard, growth is deeply uncomfortable, and there is no other way but to endure pain, struggle or sacrifice to advance spiritually or in life. This Alignment also speeds up the growth and advancement process in a way that is supportive of your Highest Good and the Highest Good of All. With this Alignment, you will start to experience advancement in all areas with ease and joy


The earth beneath our feet – the land – supports us, holds us up and it is the plane on which we live our lives. Aina is the Hawaiian word for “Land” and the land on these gorgeous islands is sacred land. 

This Alignment Will…

Connect you to the sacred lands of the world, assisting you in returning soul fragments or aspects of self you may have lost there. This alignment will clear trauma experienced in these places, as well as resolve oaths, vows, contracts and curses attached to specific places, that you may be holding throughout time and space, from your ancestors, or from the collective. 

Anger and Resentment Release

When we believe we have been purposefully wronged or hurt, when we believe we have been taken advantage of or treated unfairly, it is only natural to feel angry, resentful or both. However, these emotions can create major blocks in our energy that can further hold us back from co-creating our desired future.

This Alignment Will…

Release the anger and resentment that you may be consciously or unconsciously holding within your energy system. Sometimes, these feelings may not even be your own but emotions that you may have unknowingly picked up from people around you. This Alignment will free up an enormous amount of energy so you can effortlessly start to co-create your desires.

Anger Turned Inward

Many of us have been told that it’s wrong or bad to express anger, so we suppress it and turn it inward. Anger turned inward leads to debilitating depression and even self hatred, and creates emotional and mental distress and can lead to physical disease. 

This Alignment will…

Begin to gently unwind the hidden, stored, trapped anger, and the grief that is often underneath anger, and the depression that it has morphed into, as it rewires and recalibrates your brain, body and emotions and teaches you how to appropriately express anger. It is also clearing patterns of self punishment. 

Authority Trauma Disconnect

Most people have had some sort of traumatic experience with authority, whether it is early in life with a parent or caregiver, in school, at work, or with a religious, societal, or another person in authority over us (or who we believe is in authority over us)

This Alignment Will…

Dissolve the trauma around these experiences multidimensionally, bring deep healing into those relationships and dissolve false programming around authority, putting you more fully back into your own authority, through your own Source connection. 

Awaken​ ​True​ ​Happiness

True happiness feels like freedom. We are free to be ourselves and to love and be with who we want. We are free from the need or desire to blame others. True happiness is independent of other people’s beliefs and desires and this releases us from having our personal happiness influenced or restricted in any way by others. When we are happy we are able to make decisions from the heart and to live from the heart.

This Alignment Will…

Activate the happiness genes which are located in your central nervous system, adrenals, and pancreas. It also connects your heart and brain, bringing in the ability to understand the messages of the heart, and the ability to live in more heart-centered energy. It balances the brain chemistry and activates the emotions of joy, satisfaction, and fulfillment as it eliminates the beliefs, thought forms, oaths, vows, and contracts that stand in the way of true and lasting happiness. This alignment also releases blame and the need or desire to “have to have someone or something to blame”, as it activates a deep understanding of being responsible for your own reality.

Awakening the Heart

We learn to hold our hearts away from others and even from ourselves, when we experience pain, heartbreak, disappointment, sorrow and all of the other feelings and experiences that cause us pain. We often do this unconsciously in an attempt to keep our hearts safe but this blocks us from ever feeling true happiness and love.

This Alignment Will…

Clear the places where you have locked and guarded your heart, giving you the feelings, beliefs and knowing that it is safe to awaken your heart. This Alignment will also give you the divine intuition you need to know who to awaken and open your heart to.

Believe in Yourself

Forms of self doubt, unworthiness and fear can lead to a lack of belief in ourselves and our own abilities. Even a fear of our own power, if we have misused it or had power wielded against us, can cause us to lose belief in ourselves. 

This Alignment will…

Bring in the ability to love, accept and believe in yourself through the lens of your own Source Connection, as it ultimately brings you back into remembrance of your true divine nature. 

Blessings of the Rain

Rain was considered as a blessing from the Gods in ancient times. Rain cleanses and clears. It revitalizes and restores. Rain has the power to transform – from barren to fertile, from empty to full, from scarce to abundant. This alignment came through to me in the center of the island of Kauai in Hawaii, during an intense rainfall. 

This Alignment Will…

Bring in the vibration of life-giving rain that falls after a drought. It embodies the energy of abundance – the feast after a famine. You can also use this alignment to send the energy of rain to anywhere that needs it, on this planet.

Broken Release

So many of us struggle with the belief that we are not enough. We believe we are somehow broken and this belief may be buried deep in our unconscious or we may have clear, conscious thoughts and fears about it. This creates a great deal of needless emotional and mental pain because the divine truth is we are all born absolutely perfect – just the way we are.

This Alignment Will…

Release the feeling that we are broken and that there is something wrong with us. It will release the belief that we need to be fixed, and it brings in the knowledge that we are whole, perfect, untarnished just as we are.

Broken Soul Healing

We are familiar with the phrase “broken heart” but our souls can be broken too. This happens when we experience sorrow that runs so deep that it reaches our soul and creates breaks and cracks that leave us feeling like we will never know happiness again.

This Alignment Will…

Literally heal your broken soul. During this Alignment, you may see your soul, in your mind’s eye, as a sphere of light with shadows and cracks. You may also receive a vision of parts of your soul being healed and restored.

Claiming Your Voice

Your voice is a beautiful, energetic bridge of self-expression. It connects you to the outside world, and allows others to know and understand you. It works like a magical channel that lets you claim your rightful place as you move through life.

This Alignment Will…

Work magic on your Throat Chakra. It will clear the traumas, emotions and beliefs that have accumulated there, causing you to lose your voice in any area of your life. This Alignment will activate your Throat Chakra so you can speak up and stand up for yourself and what you believe in a way that supports your Highest Good.


Clarity is power in the purest sense, and it gives you the courage to make decisions and take action for the highest and best good of all in any situation. Clarity is also the beautiful, bright lens through which we can find purpose and meaning in our life and work. When we are not clear about who we are, what we desire, or what we are meant to do in the world, life becomes dark, foreboding and extremely difficult. Clarity is the foremost element that will help you co-create a life of beauty, abundance, tranquility and deep service.

This Alignment Will…

Bring in crystal clarity around experiences, people or circumstances, including clarity on your own wants and needs. Focus on the situation you are desiring clarity on while receiving this Alignment for rapid results.

Cleanse and Protect

Healing involves working with liminal energetic boundaries such as timelines and dimensions. This sometimes creates unwanted connections with entities and attachments, negative energies, and hooks and cords. While healing yourself and others is undoubtedly beautiful and important work, healers and those who seek healing must take conscious, intentional steps to create a safe space and protect their energy to avoid needless challenges and struggles 

This Alignment Will…

Effectively clear your own and anyone else’s energy. It is the most powerful way to clear entities and attachments, negative energies, and hooks and cords from the energy body. This Alignment also moves interdimensional portals away from an individual’s home, land, or personal energetic space while resolving oaths, vows and contracts that allow negative energies, beliefs and emotions to flow through. This Alignment automatically places a shield around each individual who receives it, their home (going a mile deep underground), members of their household including pets, their workplaces and vehicles. This shield includes an energetic vacuum at the top so any negative energies that come close can be sent into God’s Light.

Collapsing Timelines

Linear “clock time” as we know it is an invention of the human mind and does not exist in the spiritual plane. This means timelines are spiralic, concurrent and run for all eternity. We are multidimensional beings experiencing multiple timelines simultaneously. 

This Alignment Will…

Collapse timelines that are not serving your highest and best good, bringing in the lessons and gifts from those timelines, washing clean the trauma, pain and other negatives in God’s Light. It will also align you with your highest and best possible timeline, through your own Source connection.
*note: while running this alignment, you can bring in the intention to collapse SPECIFIC timelines, example, timelines of illness, timelines of poverty, timelines of loneliness, ect. 

Confusion and Overwhelm

In a world where we are endlessly bombarded with noise and activities that compete for our attention, it can feel like all of our senses are being assaulted or attacked. Confusion and overwhelm become a state of being that leads to stress, fear, worry, anxiety and emotional and physical pain.

This Alignment Will…

Lift, clear, and delete energetic noise that has attached to you, clearing the confusion and overwhelm you are feeling at the root. It aligns you to the vibrations of stillness, quiet, peace, confidence and clarity so you can feel centered no matter what else is going on around you.

Confusion​ ​and​ ​Overwhelm

We live in a fast-paced, frantic world where we are endlessly bombarded with constant noise. It can sometimes feel like everything and everyone wants our time and attention and it often feels like all of our senses are assaulted throughout the day. This is especially disturbing and disruptive for empaths, psychics, healers and other conscious souls who are sensitive to the energetic shifts caused by this never ending fight for our attention. 

This Alignment Will…

Lift, clear and delete that energetic noise that has attached to us, clearing the confusion and overwhelm that we feel. This will also clear confusion around choices and decisions, and overwhelm created by demands on our time, energy, and attention. It aligns us to the beautiful, calming vibrations of stillness, quiet, peace, confidence and clarity.

Crystalline Energy

As our species as a whole continues to spiritually evolve and expand at an ever more rapid pace, our cells and DNA are reaching an extremely high vibrational state. We are moving from carbon-based to crystalline-based. This is a crystallization process which allows us to ascend into higher dimensions –  specifically the all loving space of compassion, wisdom, purity and light of the 5th Dimension and above frequencies.

This Alignment Will…

Upgrade your cells and DNA to a more crystalline form. Every time you listen to or receive this Alignment it energetically activates more and more of your cells and DNA into crystalline form. This will allow you to experience ascension into higher vibrational states and dimensions without struggle and with grace and ease. It also increases your ability to hold and anchor higher states of being. 

Desire, Hope, Belief, Expectation

As we manifest and co-create, we move through stages of Desire, Hope, Belief, Expectation and finally Physical Creation. This journey is often interrupted and sometimes even halted by negative emotions and beliefs and these must be cleared if we are to experience joyful, rapid manifestations and co-creations.

This Alignment Will…

Clear fear, doubt, resistance and other negative emotions or limiting belief systems that may arise along the way, to speed up the manifesting and co-creation process into the final stage of Physical Creation. This alignment will also allow you to co-create what is truly in your highest and best good.


Devotion is a beautiful, empowering energy that allows us to rise up and live our highest truth as we embody our Divine nature. When we practice devotion, we are demonstrating respect, and acceptance of the divinity that is within us and all around us.

This Alignment Will…

Bring in and amplify the frequency of Devotion. This includes devotion to yourself, to loving relationships, practices, activities, and energies that are in resonance with your soul. This alignment will also assist you in making the choices and decisions that are perfectly aligned with the energy of loyalty and devotion.  

Diamond Light

Diamonds symbolize luxury, beauty, and strength. They are considered to be the hardest substance in the world and also one of the most beautiful. This is a rare and amazing combination that represents an important truth: we can exude strength and beauty in all its forms – kindness, love, gentleness, understanding, and compassion.  

This Alignment Will…

Bring in the incredibly high energy vibration of the pure diamond, including the knowledge that YOU are precious and deserve the best in everything life has to offer. This Alignment also activates your cells, DNA and energy bodies with the full power of Diamond Light vibration.


Disappointment can infiltrate any area of our life, and prevent us from opening our hearts, or going after our dreams and desires. 

This Alignment will…

Unwind disappointment to the root origin, dissolving the cellar memories and energetic signatures  of disappointment and bring in the perspective of the people and situations that you felt disappointment around, through the lens of your own Source Connection. 

Divine Recognition and Clarity

The gift of divine recognition and clarity is essential for our health, happiness and spiritual expansion as it gives us the invaluable ability to distinguish and discern who and what is right for us. It allows us to connect and communicate only with that which is for our highest and best good.

This Alignment Will…

Strengthen your own ability to intuitively recognize that which is in your highest and best good through the lens of your own Divinity. It clears the channel between your human self and your Divine self that already exists within you so you will have a powerful, unshakeable connection that brings through Divine recognition and clarity.

Dolphin Alignment

The sweet, joyful Dolphin is an incredibly intelligent, and spiritual being. Dolphins have the effortless ability to communicate and live with one another in pure harmony and they embody the energies of love, peace, and play.

This Alignment Will…

Bring in high vibrational Dolphin Energy. This includes the energies of play, joy, peace, and the ability to connect, communicate and live in harmony with any community you choose to belong to. This Alignment will also help you open up and/or amplify your psychic abilities.


We are beings of light and love. We are inherently worthy but we stay small and dim our light without even knowing it because of layers of fears and doubts around our infinite value. These false thoughts and beliefs of unworthiness continuously emanate into all areas of our lives. They cast shadows, and create struggles and challenges in our relationships with others, with ourselves, with time, money, health, and with life itself.

This Alignment Will…

Bring in unconditional love and acceptance to where your mind or your ego is desiring to keep you small, because of fear, doubt, or beliefs around unworthiness. This alignment will also bring in divine healing light to your cells, your subtle bodies, and also into your Pillar of Light, which begins above your crown chakra at your soul star chakra, through to your 12 chakra column, and into the earth to your earth star chakra, allowing for extraordinary expansion.


Fear is a basic human emotion. In ancient times, fear served to preserve humankind. Fear allowed our ancestors to protect themselves from life-threatening situations. However, fear that does not serve to protect us can be extremely harmful to our emotional, mental and physical well-being. The energy of fear from other lifetimes and timelines can also enter our current lifetime and create energy blocks that hold us back from living fully and joyously.

This Alignment Will…

Release fear being held in the body, arising emotions, beliefs, and traumas, including those from other lifetimes or timelines. This Alignment also brings Creator’s perspective on the “fight or flight” response so we are able to discern between real and imagined threats and choose an aligned, appropriate response.

Flush Unwanted Feelings Away

Emotional overwhelm can be debilitating. Many people are holding not only their own dense emotions, but the emotions of friends, family and the collective. 

This Alignment will…

Literally energetically flush dense emotions out of your 4 body system- physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, calm your nervous system and recalibrate your brain and mind. 

Free At Last

We can be held in an invisible prison that is made up of many things – the past, our own beliefs and emotions, such as anger, guilt and shame, outdated oaths, vows and contracts and hooks and cords to people or places that are not serving us. Being in this energetic prison causes us to stay stuck where we are even if we have big dreams and desires that we want to bring forth into reality.

This Alignment Will…

Free you from what is holding you, prisoner. It will give you the Creator’s understanding of true freedom on every level and it will help you to live in this energy of freedom so you can move forward and create the reality that you desire.


We can become frozen emotionally, mentally, even physically, by fear, self doubt, a lack of clarity, or an inability to trust ourselves. Trauma can also lead to being and feeling frozen. 

This Alignment will…

Dissolve the emotions, beliefs and trauma that is creating the feeling of being frozen and releasing the need to be perfect, to put everyone else’s feelings and needs ahead of your own. It is clearing the self doubt, the confusion and lack of clarity that may be keeping you stuck.


The Earth is our only home and as beings of this planet we are intricately connected to and influenced by her energy. The energy of Gaia or Mother Earth is the energy of infinite wisdom and abundance. She is strength, love, gentle power, stability and strength. Gaia is the ascended aspect of Earth, therefore when we connect with Gaia, we are connecting to the aspect that is healed and holds no trauma. 

This Alignment Will…

Connect and ground you into the divinely comforting, immutable energy of Gaia, bringing in her unconditional love and support. This Alignment also connects you into the infinite wisdom, and abundance held in Gaia. It will assist you in being and staying in your body and grounded. 

Giving Away Your Power and Activating Your Power

We “give away our power” for many different reasons, often without conscious awareness. This creates all sorts of complications and blocks in our energy system which then manifest as issues such as resentment toward others, guilt about owning our worth or claiming our desires, and feelings of resistance and deep discomfort around power itself. We start to feel power is bad and wrong which then causes us to continue giving away the true power that is our birthright. 

This Alignment Will…

Remind you of the infinitely powerful divine being that you are, It will resolve oaths, vows and contracts we have made multidimensionally  to give away our power for any reason, unworthiness beliefs that are causing us to give our power away, and guilt and resentment related to all of this. It also brings in and activates your true divine power and the ability to be safe in your power, to own your power, and to use it in the highest and best way.


Gratitude is foundational for creating happiness, and for manifesting our desires! There are studies that have been done that have shown 5 minutes of daily gratitude journaling raises happiness more than doubling income! 

This Alignment will…

Bring in a powerful infusion of gratitude and the ability to be grateful for every now moment so you can tangibly feel that frequency in your body and direct it into your life! You will feel more joyful and connected to the Oneness of All. 

Grief and Sorrow Release

We carry so much grief and sorrow, not only from our own experiences in this lifetime, but from previous lifetimes, inherited in our DNA and taken on from The Collective. While it is important to acknowledge grief and sorrow, holding on to them consciously or unconsciously will create all sorts of energy blocks that become unfulfilled dreams and desires. On the physical level, grief and sorrow can show up as breathing or lung issues.

This Alignment Will…

Allow your grief and sorrow to come up to the surface to be recognized and released. If you have breathing or lung issues, this Alignment will bring through deep healing that may result in a complete resolution of the condition.

Ground Yourself & Stabilize Your Emotions

So many things can unground and destabilize us, and once we get ungrounded, it can be challenging to stabilize. 

This Alignment will…

Bring in several supportive frequencies to pull your energy back into your body, and anchor into the Heart of Gaia, as it recalibrates your emotions and emotional body. This is also clearing trauma related to and connected with Gaia herself that may be making it difficult for some to stay anchored in.  This alignment also offers an energetic protection. 

Guilt and Shame Release

Guilt and shame are among the lowest vibrating emotions that can create major blocks in our journey to spiritual expansion, freedom, abundance, love and happiness but we are not born with the knowledge or understanding of these emotions. Guilt and shame were inflicted upon us – often unknowingly – by those who were around us when we were growing up. This means we are unconsciously “taught” to feel guilt and shame for who we are or what we do.

This Alignment Will…

Release the guilt and shame you may be holding on to. This includes guilt and shame that you may have inherited via your DNA, taken on from your parents or other people or received from The Collective.


The heart contains a little “brain” of its own that is extremely powerful. This heart/brain contains over 40,000 neurons that can sense, feel, remember and even learn. This is one of the biggest reasons why our hearts play a critical role in decision-making and relationships with others. We can “think” and feel with our hearts in ways that our brain and our rational mind simply cannot. This heart/brain allows us to reach and access information and consciousness that we cannot begin to imagine, which gives us a tremendous advantage in our work as healers. 

This Alignment Will…

Activate and amplify the 40,000 neurons in the heart to allow you to be deeply connected to your  HeartBrain power. This Alignment helps you to easily BE in your heart, live from the heart, and connect with the heart when interacting with others, helping you make choices and decisions that are in alignment with your Soul Purpose and Soul Path.

Higher Self

Our connection to our Higher Self, our Divine Self, our Creator Self, is a vital connection to have awareness of, but many people feel challenged or blocked in feeling this connection. This can be because of religious programing, outdated oaths and vows, unworthiness beliefs, or guilt and shame.

This alignment will….

Clear these blocks (sometimes in layers, so listening multiple times and practice connecting to your Higher Self consistently may be beneficial) and strengthens your connection to your Higher Self and ultimately the embodiment of your own Divinity.  

Highest Intentions

We are powerful Creator Beings, and our intentions hold the power to create in our reality. Our intentions color and flavor every one of our experiences and the results we achieve in all areas of our life. It is important to set conscious intentions that are in alignment with our true self so we can easily create what we desire to experience in our reality.

This Alignment Will…

Allow you to gather the full power behind your intentions and channel that energy in the direction you want it to go, thus amplifying the potency of your intentions. You can use this alignment also to infuse an object, image, etc with the energy of your intentions. For instance, you will be able to “charge” a crystal, a candle, a beloved photo, or any other object with this Alignment so it can hold your intentions and send them out into the Universe in the Highest and Best way. This Alignment will also clear blocks and resistance to fully having/doing/being and stepping into your intention.

Hive Mind

The Hive Mind might also be thought of as collective consciousness or collective intelligence. While it IS TRUE we are “all one” and connected, we are also Sovereign Beings. According to Dr Bruce Lipton, through this connection to the collective consciousness, we can take on “belief viruses”…in other words, take on beliefs that are not our own, that run through the Hive Mind. 

This Alignment Will…

Allow you to disconnect from the Hive Mind, collective consciousness, and the energy of belief viruses, or thought-forms we take on that are not our own. It brings in discernment, sovereignty, and a stronger connection to your own internal guidance system. 

Hopelessness Release

Hope is one of the most crucial emotions we can feel. It gives us the inspiration and energy, to go on, even when we are facing formidable odds. World-changing creations, inventions, and revolutions have taken place because a single person or a group of people refused to give up hope. Just as hope motivates and energizes, hopelessness takes that away.

This Alignment Will…

Allow you to start releasing feelings of hopelessness and the energy of hopelessness so you can get unstuck and start to move forward. This Alignment also brings in feelings of pure hope, renewal, and joy.

Imposter Syndrome

At its core, Imposter Syndrome – the fear of being incompetent or of being exposed as a “fraud”, is a form of self doubt. It can stem from trauma, or even from past life experiences in which we acted or played the role of a “fraud”.

This Alignment will…

Release and dissolve those hidden fears and self doubts, returning you to a place of empowerment and trust in yourself, your knowing, worth and value, through the lens of your own Source Connection. 

Insecurities Laid to Rest

Insecurity is ultimately a lack of self love and self worth, which can stem from amny, many different things

This Alignment will…

Unwind the parts and places of ourselves where we have not been loving or accepting, that we have judges, rejected or abandoned. It will renew your sense of security in yourself and love for yourself, through the lens of your own Source Connection.

Loops of Fear, Worry & Anxiety

Fear, worry and anxiety can be debilitating, and steal our joy. 

This Alignment will…

Disrupt and interrupt the loops of fear, worry and anxiety that our minds can get trapped in, bringing the brain, the mind and the mental body back into alignment, and calming the nervous system, as it clears the trauma, trapped emotions and false belief systems that are causing or contributing to these loops. It also brings into balance the body’s biochemistry, and anchors you more fully into your body. 

Love Yourself Fully

We are born loving ourselves, but often do not stay in this state of blissful self-love. The world and our experiences in it create circumstances that can cause us to question our worth. We end up judging and criticizing ourselves, holding ourselves up to impossible standards, and rejecting who we are. At the extreme end of this scale, we feel disdain, hatred and contempt for ourselves and do not recognize our own true Divine nature. 

This Alignment Will…

Clear hundreds of beliefs and feelings around unworthiness and self-rejection, and the original traumas that created this false programming.. It also releases embedded fears, guilt, and shame that may block you from fully understanding and accepting that you are a being worthy of unconditional love from yourself and others. This will return you into a state of Wholeness and love for yourself. 


The celestial beauty of the Moon has held our attention, fascination and imagination since the dawn of time. We are inextricably connected to the energies of the Moon and with conscious focus, we can work with these energies to let go that which no longer serves us and bring through beautiful desires, manifestations and creations.

This Alignment Will…

Connect you to the energy and power of the highest energies of the Moon, so you can easily use her energy for releasing and creating. For women, this Alignment will also help regulate their body’s natural cycle with the lunar cycle. Some people can have strong reactions to the cycles of the moon, particularly full moon energies. This alignment also resolves the jarring or difficult impacts some moon cycles can have on us as humans (sleep issues, emotional overwhelm, ect) 


The heart of working with magic is about directing and focusing energies to create what we want and need. We can use magic to bring through extraordinary goodness and light into the world but there is a deep belief in The Collective that all magic is primarily used for evil or to call up dense or harmful energies. This arises from old traumas from centuries past when even those using pure magic to heal and to help were persecuted for their gifts.

This Alignment Will…

Dissolve trauma from dense experiences with magic, the use of magic, the outcomes of magic that may have been harmful or painful, trauma from being harmed, killed, rejected because of using magic across all lifetimes, trauma from black magic being used against you or loved ones, any energies around times you may have used harmful magic in any other incarnation,  resolving false negative beliefs about magic, as well as trauma associated with all forms of harmful magic, bringing in the energy of pure magic, and any magical abilities and knowledge that lie dormant or forgotten. This will give you the ability to create pure magic, for the highest and best good of all.

Masks Off

We wear many masks…many of us learn from a young age that it’s safer and easier to show people what they want to see of us, so we create masks to present ourselves in various forms to the outside world. Masks hide who we truly are. 

This Alignment will…

Bring in the freedom and safety to allow you to remove the energetic masks you are wearing, to allow yourself to be visible, and to be authentically yourself, to share your true self with the world.and to make choices and decisions from a point of your own sovereignty. 

Mental Fragmentation

Our thoughts and energy can become fragmented for so many reasons. This can take us out of our bodys and make it difficult to move about our life. Mental fragmentation can create confusion, brain fog and many other issues.

This Alignment will…

Recalibrate and bring your mind, brain and mental body back into alignment, as it releases the cause for the fragmentation. It balances the brain chemistry and brings the brain into optimal function. 


Miracles happen every moment of every day and most of us miss them. One of the reasons for this is we feel we are unable or powerless to create what we want. Our dreams and desires feel out of reach or even impossible. This is simply not true. You can create anything – including miracles – because you are a miracle yourself. 

This Alignment Will…

Bring the energy of miracles. It will allow you to see the miracles that surround you right now, as well as the belief and ability to create miracles on a daily basis. 

Multidimensional Self

You are more than it appears on the surface. You are a multifaceted, multidimensional being that exists on multiple planes at the same time. It can be difficult for our conscious minds to wrap around this concept but it doesn’t make it any less true. This is one reason why certain individuals are able to bring through gifts and skills that seem to be beyond our current understanding. Some are even able to transcend the boundaries of time and space to travel between dimensions with ease.

This Alignment Will…

Bring in a stronger connection with high vibrational parts of you that exist in other dimensions. This connection will come in for you only if this is for your highest and best good and for the highest and best good of all at this time.. Over time, you will steadily strengthen, amplify and accentuate your vibrational state, gifts, skills, and abilities of your current self in this dimension.This alignment will also strengthen your ability to live through the lense of your own Source connection.


One of the deepest traumas and tragedies of the human condition is the feeling that we are alone, that we are isolated, separated and disconnected from each other and from Source. For many this unhappy, disconnected feeling shadows them from childhood all through their lives. This disconnected feeling can cause much pain and heartache, including the feeling that life has no meaning or purpose.

This Alignment Will…

Bring in the realization that we are all one and the same. We belong to the beautiful, divine tapestry that is always and forever connected to Source. The truth is we are never alone, we are never separate, we are always only ever fully united with the Divine, because we ARE the Divine.

Own Your Sparkle

You carry within you a distinct Inner Sparkle that you may not be conscious of at this time and that belongs only to you. This is the Inner Sparkle that encompasses the special gifts, skills, and talents that only you possess. Your Inner Sparkle is closely related to your purpose in life. Letting your Inner Sparkle shine and sharing it with the world will help you connect with your Soul Purpose and Path to bring through peace and satisfaction on a soul level. 

This Alignment Will…

Align you with your Inner Sparkle. You will start to become increasingly aware of your unique gifts, skills, and talents, and feel deep appreciation for them as you find ways to joyfully share them with the world. This Alignment also illuminates and activates the sacred symbol of the Flower of Life in your energy field which is a sacred geometric pattern that can also be found in All Things since the dawn of Creation.

Pain as Sacred Healing

Painful experiences that purify our soul  are a part of our journey into spiritual evolution and ascension. However, it is important to know how to tell the difference between pain that purifies and pain that causes us harm or that does not belong to us.

This Alignment Will…

Bring in the energy of purifying your pain and integrating it as sacred healing. This Alignment will release the pain and negative emotions that do not belong to you, giving you discernment to decipher the difference between pain as sacred healing, pain that does not belong to you, and pain that is an echo of the past so you can let go of pain that does not serve your spiritual evolution.

Pain Body

Eckhart Tolle says the pain body is the accumulation of old emotional pain that almost all people carry in their energy field –  a semi-autonomous psychic entity. It consists of negative emotions that were not faced, accepted, and then let go in the moment they arise.

This Alignment Will…

Release the pain body and this healing sometimes happens in layers. The larger the pain body, the more this Alignment must be run or listened for complete healing to occur.


As divine beings we are part of Creator’s definition of perfection, but we do not live in the energy of this truth. Most of us remain stuck in an endless quest for perfection in all that we are and all that we do in the world. This brings stress, shame, guilt, fear, blame, self-doubt and countless other experiences and emotions that hold us back from walking our soul path.

This Alignment Will…

Release the false ideas you have taken on about perfection as it brings in Creator’s definition and perspective on perfection. This alignment will also bring in deep knowledge and remembrance of your innate perfection. You will start to embrace the truth that you are already whole and perfect.

Persecution Release

We have all experienced some form of persecution at one time or another. Persecution is the systematic mistreatment of an individual or group by another individual or group. Religious, cultural, racial, and political persecution are just some forms this takes. 

This Alignment will…

Dissolve the trauma from experiencing all forms of persecution, across all timelines, and the trapped emotions, trauma and energetic signatures of that traumatic experience. 

Planetary Bodies

We are all born under a unique planetary configuration that, according to astrology, shapes our expression in the world, holds our potential, and our challenges. Some people experience more upheaval in their lives around certain planetary transits than others.

This Alignment Will…

Bring in a deeper acceptance of who you were born to be and what you came here to express, based on the time and location your soul chose to enter this earth plane. It also resolves traumas and beliefs that may contribute to upheaval in your life related to planetary transits, allowing you to move through these times with more ease.


Procrastination arises from the essence of unworthiness and fear that we are not capable of creating that which we desire. It creates a great deal of needless emotional suffering because we know – on a deeper level – that we are holding ourselves back from bringing our dreams to life.

This Alignment Will…

Clear beliefs and emotions as well as oaths, vows, and contracts are at the root of procrastination. It will also bring in motivation, inspiration and authentic self-worth so you understand and embody the truth that you are worthy of your desires and that you have everything you need to bring them into your reality.

Raising Your Vibration

The higher we can consistently vibrate, the more light we can hold, and the more we are able to contribute to raising the collective frequency. 

This Alignment will…

Offer a potent combination of high frequencies to quickly raise your vibration and anchor in those frequencies so you can hold a higher vibratory state. This will quickly raise your mood and lift your spirits!


There are many things that can knock us “off-kilter”- from illness to low-frequency emotions, taking on other’s energies, disappointing, painful, or traumatic experiences, just to name a few. 

This Alignment Will…

Bring in a recalibration of your 4 body systems: Spiritual, Emotional, Mental, and Physical bodies, including recalibrating your chakras, nervous system, meridians, and energetic bodies. 

Releasing Oaths, Vows, Contracts, Agreements and Obligations

This Alignment focuses on the energy of energetic oaths, vows, contracts, obligations and agreements that are no longer serving your highest good, or creating disharmony in your life, body or energy field. 

This Alignment Will…

Gently and powerfully release oaths, vows, contracts or obligations that are blocking the full expression of your Divinity, that you may have taken across all time, dimensions and realities,, or that you inherited in your DNA.

Religious Oppression

Rigid, severe or punishing religious principles can block us from awakening to the truth of who we truly are. Overly strict religious beliefs, rules and regulations can cause massive shock and trauma within, causing us to dim our light, live in fear and hold back from rising up to embrace our infinite selves and live our soul purpose

This Alignment Will…

Clear out shock and trauma from religious oppression through lifetimes and timelines, within our DNA and from The Collective, including shock and trauma held in our cells and cellular memory. This alignment also clears oaths, vows, contracts and agreements knowingly and unknowingly made with religious groups and organizations.

Rose Alignment

The delicate rose symbolizes beauty and tenderness. It is the flower of love, purity, and sweetness. Roses are extremely high vibrational and rose essential oil vibrates at 320Hz which is the highest energy vibration of all known oils. 

This Alignment Will…

Immerse you in the beautiful, high vibrational energies of the rose. This Alignment will gently lift your spirits, bring you comfort and help you relieve depression, anger, grief, fear, nervous tension and stress.

Rose Colored Glasses

“Wearing Rose Colored Glasses” is seeing a person or situation only from the positive, which can allow us to be more optimistic (which is good!) OR it can cloud our judgement (which can be harmful)

This Alignment will…

Allow you to be optimistic WHILE using discernment and good judgement and to see the truth clearly the potential outcomes for choices you are presented with, including seeing the people in your life through the discernment of your Divine Aspect/ Source Connection. 


Many believe that they must experience sacrifice and struggle if they want to live life as a good person. Choices and decisions that support their own needs and desires are believed to be selfish and thoughtless. This is simply not true. Nurturing ourselves and making choices that make us happy are often the greatest acts of service and love we can do for others. When we are in the energy of love, self-care and nurturing we can create deep energetic shifts in other people just by being near them.

This Alignment Will…

Clear the belief you may be holding that you must sacrifice to live as a good person or sacrifice for any other reason. The Alignment also works on oaths, vows, agreements, and contracts and curses to live this way, feel this way, or believe this way. These will be sent to God’s Light to be forever cleared and resolved.

Seeing with Your Third Eye

There was a time when we all had the incredible ability to see with our Third Eye. We were able to tap into the world of dreams, into consciousness that was beyond our own and to receive and interpret messages and important guidance from Beings of Light through visions. This ability has diminished but it has not disappeared. Reactivating Third Eye sight will give us the vision we need to own our psychic abilities and use it to heal, help and be of service. 

This Alignment Will…

Cleanse and activate your pineal gland and pituitary gland, allowing you to be able to see more clearly through your Third Eye, your mind’s eye. This Alignment also resolves oaths, vows and contracts to limit or suppress your psychic sight and clears trauma around having been punished or killed for using this innate ability. It will also heal any trauma you may have from witnessing disturbing things with your psychic eyes – multidimensionally. 

Self Doubt and Self Rejection

Trauma, especially when we are young, can create self doubt and rejection of self. This takes us away from Sovereignty and Love. 

This Alignment will…

Bring healing to your heart and emotional body, dissolving feelings of unworthiness, self rejection, self doubt, and self abandonment. This can dramatically improve patterns in your life where you are experiencing rejection, judgment and abandonment from other people, and ultimately bring you more solidly back into an understanding of the truth of how amazing you are in this now moment, and back into alignment with your own sovereignty and self love. 


So many are blind to the truth that we often sabotage our own efforts and hopes of creating a beautiful life of success and abundance, radiant health and meaningful relationships. This can create long-term energetic blocks because it is not possible to release that which you do not recognize.

This Alignment Will…

Clear the patterns of self-sabotage whether you are conscious of them or not. It also clears the reasons why you are sabotaging your relationships, success, abundance, and health. The Alignment will activate your ability to receive and create what you desire, without experiencing self-sabotage.

Sexual Trauma and Abuse Release

So many people have experienced sexual trauma and abuse of some kind. In an attempt to protect ourselves, many of us block the memory of this trauma and abuse. Even though we may not consciously remember the act or acts of sexual abuse that we endured, the related trauma, negative beliefs and painful trapped emotions taken on, remain locked in our emotional, mental, spiritual and physical bodies. This will block us from ever experiencing true joy, love, freedom and authentic self-worth.

This Alignment Will…

Clear the shock and trauma from sexual abuse, and the associated beliefs taken on as a result of that abuse. It also clears related trapped emotions such as shame, worthlessness, guilt, hatred, anger, and so on. This Alignment works on a very deep level on the Sacral Chakra, so you may feel a lot of energy moving in your physical body, in the area below your navel. As with all Alignments, this is working on all levels – current lifetime, past life, across timelines and dimensions, DNA and ancestry, and the Collective.

Soul Fragment Retrieval

We’ve all experienced trauma in our lives. What we may not know is that traumatic events, situations and experiences can cause soul-level fragmentation. This essentially means we leave a piece of ourselves embedded with the trauma as a way to remember on a physical or energetic level so we can protect ourselves from ever having to go through something similar. However, this fragmentation will forever leave us feeling incomplete and unfulfilled.

This Alignment Will…

Call back your soul fragments, washed clean in God’s light, as it clears the trauma that caused the fragmentation to happen. This Alignment also gives you the divine comfort and knowledge that you are safe to be in your body and stay in your body.

Soul’s Blueprint

We have a Soul Blueprint that is there to guide us to our truest purpose. This sacred Blueprint works as an energetic map that allows us to connect with our Soul Path so we can stay aligned with our Soul Purpose, at all times. It acts as a beacon that lights our soul from within, helping us to chart a course past obstacles, challenges and missteps so we can consistently and confidently move forward in our quest for soulful actualization in this lifetime. 

This Alignment Will…

Download the blueprint from your Divine Aspect, through your OWN Source connection,, more fully aligning you with your Soul Path in this lifetime. You may experience a lot of energy moving, flowing and shifting during this process. This Alignment will help the right people, opportunities, experiences and knowledge to come into your awareness so you can do what you were born to do with ease. 

*Note: After experiencing this Alignment, pay special attention to your dreams as you may receive messages that will bring you further into alignment with your Soul Path.


When you are spiritually sovereign, you are in recognition of your own Divinity. You know this is the truest part of you, and you are able to embody your own Divinity. You live and act from this sacred part of yourself and become the human expression of the Divine. 

This alignment will….

Bring in the feeling of freedom, power, divinity, clears the illusions of the ego-self, releases attachments to others expectations, ideas and judgments, brings in the perspective and understanding from Source of yourself as a sovereign being. 

Spark of God Alignment

We are ALL Divine…we are all sparks of God. Sometimes we have just forgotten that we are so much more than these human bodies. “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” ~French philosopher, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.

This Alignment Will…

This alignment reminds you of who you actually are- Sparks of God! This will bring in the knowledge of your true self at this level and allow you to embody the Human expression of the Divine. 

Spiritual Detox

A physical detox releases toxins from the body. A spiritual detox does the same but on an energetic level. The truth is our days are full of experiences and interactions with people that are not in service or support of our highest purpose. These experiences leave behind negative “spiritual debris”. This can even happen during a healing session or experience where some of the trauma or pain that rises up to be cleared remains “stuck” on an energetic level.

This Alignment Will…

Clear and cleanse your Energy Field from negative spiritual debris – the emotions, energies and beliefs that are sometimes left behind after a healing, from being in crowded spaces or connecting with people who do not have our best interests at heart. This Alignment will bring you back to a state of purity and clean, clear energy, which will manifest on an emotional level as feeling calm, connected and centered. Special Note: This is a great Alignment to run after doing any type of entity work.


Cosmologist and astrophysicist Carl Sagan said, “The cosmos is within us. We are made of star-stuff. We are a way for the Universe to know itself” and this is absolutely true. In our human existence, it is important to remember who we truly are and to bring all of ourselves to every part of our lives. 

This Alignment Will….

Strengthen your connection to ALL That Is. It will call back all of the parts of you- the stardust- that has been scattered throughout time and space so you can feel strong, whole and authentic as you move through the world .

The Worst Vice is Advice

Many people have great difficulty making decisions without asking for and listening to everyone else’s insights and input. This only causes increased chaos and confusion in our hearts and minds as our own needs, wants and desires become buried in a sea of other people’s beliefs, opinions and advice.

This Alignment Will…

Guide you to connect with and strengthen your own inner voice of wisdom from your Higher Self, through your own Source connection.  It resolves the need to listen to everyone else besides yourself and brings in self-trust, and releases self-doubt. It will also give you the ability to receive messages from your Higher Self, Source and your Divine Guidance Team with clarity.

Trauma Disconnect

When we experience or observe a traumatic event, our entire being is immersed in the energy of it. Trauma is a sharp, shocking energy that can penetrate many layers of our being. This is why trauma can remain in our energy even lifetimes after the traumatic incident happened.

This Alignment Will…

Clear trauma being held in the cells, the cellular memory, chakras, DNA, nervous system, energy body, emotional body, physical body and on a soul level. It will replace trauma with Creator’s infinite healing and unconditional love.

True Freedom

So many of us believe that specific situations, people or circumstances are blocking our freedom. This causes us to hold back from living in line with our true purpose and being who we truly are and in this way, true freedom will forever remain out of reach.

This Alignment Will…

Clear and resolve beliefs and blocks around believing that we cannot experience true freedom because of specific situations, people or circumstances. This Alignment brings in the energy of true freedom, that you are worthy, safe and allowed to experience true freedom.

Truth and Trust

Truth and trust are extraordinarily important foundational elements for our health, happiness and success. When we lack the ability to understand or connect with our truth and when we are unable to trust ourselves and others who can support us, life becomes deeply difficult, and exhausting.

This Alignment Will…

Bring in the ability to discern truth, including your own truth, and to know who to trust, and most importantly how to trust yourself. This Alignment also clears beliefs, emotions and experiences that caused you to turn away from hearing and understanding truth, and trusting your abilities. 

Unplug from Lack

Lack is an energy. It can present or materialize in physical form as financial lack, lack in love, in joy, in abundance, in health and on and on. The energy of lack is deeply intertwined with the energies of unworthiness and of struggle.

This Alignment Will…

Unhook and unplug you from the energies of lack, unworthiness, and struggle. It resolves hooks, cords, attachments, and curses you may have to this energy. It resolves oaths, vows, contracts, and agreements taken in any lifetime or timeline that attract lack, poverty, struggle, suffering. This Alignment also releases curses – including genetic curses – that tie you to the experience of lack, poverty, struggle, and suffering.

White Seamless Suit

Healers are highly sensitive, and often empathic, souls. We can often pick up dense, negative energies such as emotional stress, pain, heartache, anger and difficult experiences from others, taking them on as our own. This is energetically draining and can cause fear and resistance to living and working as a healer. An energetic “White Seamless Suit” provides the ultimate protection from negative energies so we can feel safe, centered and calm at all times.

This Alignment Will…

Generate an energetic White Seamless Suit around your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. If you are in a location or situation where several layers of this suit are needed (e.g. if you happen to be in a crowd or are working with many deeply traumatized people) you will automatically receive as many layers as you need when invoking this Alignment. It is recommended that you run this Alignment at least once every day.

Wide​ ​Awake

Spiritual awakening can be physically and emotionally challenging, often bringing up deeply embedded hidden hurts and pain to be cleansed and released. This is often known as a “healing crisis” and many healers and those being healed resist moving into the next step on their soul path for fear of experiencing a difficult or painful healing crisis.

This Alignment Will…

Bring in high level energetic support to strengthen and expand the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies to allow graceful and painless spiritual awakening. Wide Awake also brings in unique Light Codes to support the structural changes that happen in the physical body during transformational spiritual upgrades. With this alignment, people who experience headaches, flu and cold symptoms, or who go through emotional overwhelm and exhaustion will find that these symptoms are much less or nonexistent, even when processing exceptionally powerful healings.

Willpower, Motivation, Determination

We all desire more willpower, motivation and determination to achieve our aspirations. These powerful emotions energetically fuel our purpose and give us the strength and courage we need to overcome any and all obstacles that hold us back from creating our dream life.

This Alignment Will…

Strengthen and intensify your willpower, determination and motivation. This is perfect for anyone who is heading towards a significant goal in their life. It is also great for athletes, and people who are making life-changing transformations and positive changes such as adopting a wonderful new healthy lifestyle or diet.

Wisdom of the Trees

Gaia expresses her knowledge and ancient wisdom throughout nature. It can be found in every grain of sand and every blade of grass when we know how to listen. The trees all around us are virtually buzzing with this wisdom. I received this Alignment while I was surrounded by the massive, ancient trees in the beautiful Grove of the Patriarchs in Rainier National Forest.

This Alignment Will…

Bring you the ancient knowledge and wisdom from trees that have been living here on earth for thousands and thousands of years. You will easily connect with this ancient wisdom, which will also bring you great clarity and the kind of deep peace that you can find in the quiet stillness of a beautiful forest at dawn.

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