Anastasia Salichou

Specialties: Sacred Soul Alignment, Energetic Allergy Healing, Soul Realignment, Reiki Master Teacher, Crystal Healer


Anastasia is a Psychic Healer and Coach, working with women who want to: 

  • Transform their relationship to themselves and others
  • Find Soul level clarity on their skills and mission
  • Release patterns of trauma and blockages
  • Become confident and powerful creators of their experience

Anastasia works in the depths of belief systems and energetic blockages that keep us stuck and has a variety of modalities that work on the physical along with the mental and emotional aspect creating holistic healing and permanent transformation. Her mission is to help people find the truth about themselves, release what no longer serves them and lead an empowered life.

Her tools include modalities like: Sacred Soul Alignment, Energetic Allergy Healing, Soul Realignment. She is also a Reiki Master Teacher and Crystal Healer

Offer for Sacred Soul Alignment group: 

For the first 5 women to send an email here: and the first 5 to comment on the fb post, with one pattern that they would like to release, she will be offering a Free 45' Trauma Healing session that includes Sacred Soul Alignments and several other modalities for deep healing.

*Only for people who haven't received a free session in the past

Some feedback from clients

"Anastasia was able to identify and address the cause of my blockages. Her light is very healing and transformative and I'm grateful to have benefited from her astounding abilities even if it required considerable amount of patience to find someone as special as Anastasia, thankyou for sharing your unique gift with the world " Zara Khan "I totally love my sessions with Anastasia They blend a unique mixture of intuitive guidance, talking therapy and sharing of Akashic records information in a positive, grounding and calm way.

Not only do the sessions wonderfully support my own personal development, but the healing effects ripple out to my growing business. Anastasia has a gift of intuitively guiding others to their expansive potential and I highly recommend her sessions!"

- Emily Philips


Athens, Greece





5 years of professional experience as a Coach and Healer with thousands of session hours.
Advance Sacred Soul Alignment Practitioner
Advance Energetic Allergy Healing Practitioner
Advance Soul Realignment Practitioner
Akashic Records Practitioner
Master Reiki Teacher (Ushui, Karuna, Karma, Higher Self, Atlantian, Seven Rays, Angelic, Crystal, Devic)
Crystal Healer and Reader
Functional Medicine Health Coach

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