Courtney Harper

Specialties: Self Discovery Coach


I love to help people who are ready to transcend cycles that have kept them feeling stubborn, stuck, and even a little hopeless (...mmmaybe a lot hopeless 😉).

I find extraordinary joy in working with my clients to excavate and transform beliefs that have kept them repeating loops of frustratingly unconscious behaviors. These patterns can be sneaky, infuriating, and strongly fixed... but they can be much easier to move through with dedicated, inspired support. My method combines transformational coaching practices with divinely guided, collaborative energy work. This combination is intended to assist my clients in establishing an enduring connection to their own internal source of healing, joy and contentment in the most accessible way for them.

My clients discover more of who they are while learning the art of self mastery through...

  • 🤔 Discerning their own priorities from the ones they've absorbed from their environments/relationships
  • 🧘🏻‍♀️ Establishing an approachable, joy-filled practice of higher self embodiment that helps them detach from living in a state of fight/flight/freeze
  • 💡 Gaining a clear understanding of several Universal Laws in action by discussing examples from their own day to day experience
  • 🕵🏻‍♀️ Discovering the most reliable ways for them to tap into - and trust - their own intuition above all outside input and conditioning

My aim is to bring all of this to my clients in an empowering, compassionate space held with integrity and the highest intentions for all. I offer multiple tiers of support and am excited to connect with all who resonate!


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  • 📙 Writing featured in "The Lightworker's Guide to Grounding Energy" by Amy Scott Grant available on Amazon (Affiliate Link:


Transform Coaching Academy, March 2020