Dawn Ranieri

Specialties: Energy Work , Guided Meditation, Life Coach, Quantum Reiki Grand Master, Sacred Soul Alignment Practitioner, Energy Infused Crystals & Jewelry


Dawn Ranieri is a multi-faceted healer who enjoys working with multiple energy systems depending on what a client may need for healing. Her passion is in helping others begins with her own Divine Co-ordinations: Helping others Rise Above their Limitations (LIBERATION), Declaring their Inner Divinity (EMPOWERMENT), having a Compassionately Driven Purpose (PASSION), Activating their Divine Truth (AWAKENING), therefore being UNIFIED in the Collective Consciousness of the whole (planet).

 Some of the areas she can help with are:

Dissolving Negative/Limiting Beliefs around any situation.

Clearing Trapped Emotions and Trauma

Installing New Beliefs

Restoring Well Being-Mind, Body & Spirit

Helping people shift to 4D & 5D consciousness

Working with the energy of crystals to magnify healing

Custom meditations for healing

She is certified as a:
 Sacred Soul Alignment Practitioner
 Quantum Reiki Grand Master
 Life Purpose & Spiritual Coach
 Mindfulness, LOA & Ho’oponopono Practitioner
 Ordained Minister
And more!

Dawn loves working with adults in the Healing/Education fields and also working with young adults.

Dawn Ranieri became a Reiki Master over 10 years ago after multiple encounters with her deceased grandmother twirled her into a whole different realm of existence. Her grandmother expressed the importance that she would be on this planet and so without much understanding, she began to learn more about the spiritual world. Learning how to connect with angels, she became fascinated with other energy systems, like Reiki. She felt limited by this energy and continued to learn other Reiki Systems until she encountered Quantum Reiki. Then with more connections and discovery she came across Elysia and her Sacred Soul Alignment modality and fell in love with the energy from this modality.

You can learn more about Dawn by visiting any of her sites:
Website at: https://www.dawnranieri.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dawnranieriholisticcoach
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dawnranieri
Etsy Shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/DawnEmpoweredGoddess

Dawn is located near Philly, PA but also can work with clients all over the world.


Bachelors in Social Work

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