Erin Rosenblatt


As the owner of Resilience Healing, I help women who are on the verge of burnout clear limiting beliefs, patterns, and emotions so they can achieve true wellness and vitality without feeling like they are sacrificing themselves, their relationships, or professional success. Potential benefits of healing sessions include:

✨Remove emotional blocks that keep you stuck feeling constantly overwhelmed and exhausted
✨Relieve stress so you can experience greater efficiency and ease in all areas of your life
✨Reconnect to your intuition and inner knowing and worry less about what you think you should do
✨Improve physical and emotional wellness
✨Achieve balance, ease and calm
✨Restore resilience
✨Feel more relaxed!


I have over 15 years of experience in working with people of all ages and backgrounds supporting them in coping with life’s challenges including trauma, depression, and anxiety. I am trained as a clinical psychologist and in the last several years have become certified as a practitioner in Sacred Soul Alignment, Reiki, Energetic Allergy Healing, and Accunect.


You can learn more about Resilience Healing by connecting online: