Pamela Strum

Specialties: Conduit of Healings, Lightyears and Golden Ray-tio Interdimensional (GRID) Light Healing, Sacred Soul Alignment Healing Sessions in the Akashic Records, Acupuncture


Pamela Strum is a visionary who utilizes her unique gift of working with Sacred Geometry to harness a quantum energetic alchemical process for her clients to live their life as the full expression of their human potential. An energy conduit and healer, she has over three decades experience doing energy work with clients all over the world, working within the Akashic Realm to bring healing deep to the levels where entire lifetimes and ancestral lines can be healed.

She brings her unique intuitive ability to access the very formational structures of her clients’ energy field to restore the integrity of what she calls her clients’ Soul Print, the Master Plan of their expression-potential, with her healing modality, GRID Light Healing™, allowing clients, to hold the highest frequency of energy in their human structure and live from an expanded perspective.

She works with established healers and energy workers with her modality, Lightyears, unwinding energy lines to prepare her clients’ to access the very origin point of creation so they are able to easily exit the Matrix of Illusion and embody the fullness of their intended Divine Sovereignty and Superpowers.

In addition to her modalities, Pamela works with plant medicine as a licensed herbalist and acupuncturist.



Princeton, New Jersey, USA (and everywhere on this planet)

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