Sandra Mayeux

Specialties: Sexual Empowerment & Intimacy Coaching, Womb Healing, Energy Work, Reiki Master, Advanced Sacred Soul Alignment , Energetic Allergy Healing, Empowered Energetics, Empowered Goddesses


Hi. My name is Sandra Mayeux. I live in California with my hubby of 20 years, our two teenagers, and my furry companion.

My passion is to help women realize how strong, beautiful, worthy, and powerful they are so they can fully step into their feminine power and start living the life they desire.

I specialize in sexual empowerment and intimacy coaching, womb healing, and energy work.

I’ve been a Reiki Master for over 25 years. I’m also an Advanced Sacred Soul Alignment practitioner, an advanced Energetic Allergy practitioner, and an advanced Empowered Energetics practitioner.

In addition I have my own modality called Empowered Goddesses. It is all about the divine feminine. The energies come from the various Goddesses I work with.


California, Bay Area