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Here’s who I am:

Hey! I’m Sylvia, an Intuitive Energy Practitioner & Holistic Health & Wellness Guide. Guiding you to the different realms of healing coupled with Ancient Wisdom + Holistic Healing in all facets, physically, energetically mentally and spiritually is a gift.

This is where I am:

I empower women to tap deeply into their personal soul-levels of healing. This opens them up to easily being aware of what is holding them back.

This is where I used to be:

After years of staying hidden and cramming myself into society’s box while working in a toxic corporate environment, my body absorbed the toxicity, and I was diagnosed with a debilitating autoimmune disease. I spent most of my days in bed. Seeking an alternative route.

Several doctor visits later, while trying to figure out what/why my body was shutting down I got kicked again, while down. I was laid off from my job of 19-years and feeling a new kind of stress and emptiness. This was a scary blow to my family's income! We went from a double income home to a single in a blink of an eye.

This is what I learned between here and there:

I learned to tap into other means of healing outside western medicine. I’ve always believed in an integrative health approach, the best of east and west. In seeking ways to heal myself, I found others just like you who were struggling with similar exhaustion, foggy head symptoms, and being in a funk like I was.

As I learned, I shared and educated others. I used my story and their stories to inspire change in others. I believe in passing on the goodness to everyone! I created a giant ripple effect of others realizing there is more to life than what we’ve been programmed to believe. My dedication to supporting women to rise up from devastating circumstances is not only my passion but has become my purpose and mission.

I would love for you to join the positive wave with us!

This life-altering situation empowered me to rebuild my health, and in turn, create a beautiful life and income

I could have never imagined when I was working for someone else! I was able to rebuild and exceed my expectations in providing for my family. I made more than ever and was energized and happy.

I’ve been rising ever since and helping others’ along the way!

This is how I get you there and why it matters:

Now I help women like you build a reliable approach to alternative knowledge and holistic wellness around their story and truths. When we share our stories and tap into a more profound soul-depth with a trusted mentor, we begin to heal and move towards the evolution of the best version of yourself.

Living in our natural flow-state is exciting!

In essence, in healing ourselves, we can repair our lineage and become a magnet for our soul-filled life goals and passions. But, you have to want to do this hard work and be dedicated to the process for the results I have experienced firsthand!

What I offer the world:

I’ve successfully created a unique combination of 1:1 mentoring and LIVE online or in-person workshops. virtual and digital courses, I’m a fiercely ambitiously dedicated, “mom-boss,” powered by my personal experience after having to rebuild my life, finances, and mindset around life after the crumbling of my profession and physical body.

It is my honor to support your RISE!

The Invitation – Let’s get to work:

IF you’re ready to turn up the volume on feeling like the best version of yourself and you’re open to ancient holistic, knowledge integrative approach including energy shifting in all ways, it’s time we find out if we’re meant-to-be besties and get to the root of what is hindering you. You are going to experience massive shifts, in your mindset, your business, your energy, your health, not to mention your confidence and belief in yourself.



I’m certified and experienced to guide you:

2017 & 2018  Sage Goddess Holistic Healer

2019 Sage Goddess Soul Shift Graduate

Healing Touch Practitioner – Accredited by the Holistic Nurses Association & Therapeutic Massage, and Bodywork Specialist (NCBTMB)

(EFT)Emotional Freedom Technique Level1 & Advanced Level-2 Practitioner

Sacred Soul Alignment Practitioner

We will take a journey together and create a custom experience using some of the powerful tools that will help you reprogram your subconscious mind & balance your energy system.

It’s beautiful, epic, and everything that is missing from your current state of being.

I know, because I used to be you. I totally get it.

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