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Tanaya Ghosh


As a shy, sensitive young girl born in Los Angeles to an Indian family, Tanaya learned quickly how to adapt and survive in a world and culture that wasn't always built for sensitive young ones. For her personal upbringing, that meant "toughening up" and shutting down a lot of her emotional needs, expressive qualities, and intuitive gifts from a young age in order to survive and stay small, focus on achieving, and be the "good girl" who got great grades and attended the top universities in her fields of study. It was about being productive, as perfect was possible, and about using any wounds or adversities as fuel to thrive - to the point of burnout, which eventually came when her mother, who was her closest confidante, was diagnosed with a terminal illness.

From then, the shift started happening for Tanaya. Realizing she couldn't keep "grinding" and "hustling" in the conventional 9-to-5 (or more like 7-to-9) PR agency world without it taking a toll on her mind, body and spirit, Tanaya took a step back to reevaluate, and made the decision to create Tanaya's Table - a food and travel blog, which evolved into a full brand and business over the years, as she set out to expand people's horizons and inspire them to live a fuller life through new experiences in food, adventure, and beyond. Through this work, she realized how many people truly loved food and adventure, and wanted to experience so much more of life, but were limited by restrictions - whether dietary, health, or other types of limitations they wished they were free of.

As her healing journey unfolded over the years and she delved deeper into metaphysical healing work, partially due to seeing what her always super health-conscious, fitness-focused mother still endured before passing away, and and seeing the limitations of Western medicine treatments and conventional one-size-fits-all health advice, she started to see firsthand the incredible potential and benefits of a more integrative, holistic and preventative approach to mind-body-spirit wellness, along with modalities she became trained and certified in, including Sacred Soul Alignment, Energetic Allergy Healing, Sacred Light Foundations, and CoCreating Miracles with Sacred Light. Through these modalities and her inspiring, compassionate teachers and mentors, she was able to heal the root of many chronic issues that, while not recognized as "bad enough" to diagnose or treat in conventional Western medicine, had created so many issues and compromises to her own quality of life.

Having an ever-curious mind and a hunger for knowledge and deeper understanding of the human body and all other dimensions of a person as it relates to wholeness, wellness and trauma, along with her love for science and biology, Tanaya reached a turning point in her own years-long healing journey, and began receiving her own healing energies to bring through for those she was meant to lead and serve along their own unique paths to new levels of wholeness and empowerment. It is Tanaya's vision to facilitate transformative, multifaceted healing work to support those who resonate with her journey, and especially in service to women of color, to reclaim their agency, step into their true power, and break generational cycles of trauma and limitation to create a more fulfilling, whole, and enriching life - and to have fun along the way!

To learn more about Tanaya and how to work with her, please visit the website link on this page, or email her at healwithtanaya@gmail.com.

To join the journey to creating a more fulfilled, empowered life of wholeness through alchemical magic, stay connected by following Tanaya on Instagram at @alchemizeyoursoul (https://www.instagram.com/alchemizeyoursoul/). Cheers to breaking out of old cycles, stepping into our purpose, and realizing our wildest dreams!


Los Angeles, CA


Certified in Sacred Soul Alignment
Advanced Sacred Soul Alignment
Energetic Allergy Healing
Advanced Energetic Allergy Healing
CoCreating Miracles with Sacred Light
Sacred Light Foundations Level 1
Sacred Light Foundations Level 2
Bachelor's Degree in Sociology from UCLA
Master's Degree from the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism at USC.

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