Terry Lloyd

Specialties: Founder of Energetic Spiral Up, Energy Healer and Spiritual Mentor


Terry is a master of shifting and balancing energy.

Since 2009 she has been working with people who want to overcome their limitations and reconnect with their own divine spark to transform their lives and create more joy, abundance and magic.

Terry identifies and eliminates the underlying influences that cause imbalances in your energy resulting in stress, chaos, overwhelm, lack, and suffering.

She provides a safe nonjudgmental space to energetically delete the patterns, beliefs and emotions that are restricting you, and then realigns you to a neutral space of overall wellness in your personal and professional lives. People then reconnect to their own divinity and are empowered to easily make different choices, take inspired action, and create the experiences that they desire.

Working with Terry, clients have achieved many amazing results including relief from physical pain such as hip and back pain previously unrelieved even after visiting surgeons. By deleting and clearing limiting beliefs, thoughts and outdated paradigms (such as I’m not good enough, I don’t deserve it, I’m not worthy) clients who were stuck or repeating the same negative behaviors have gained clarity and confidence, overcome fear and been able to move forward and turn their lives around.

Terry has a unique kind of wisdom that can see the larger game. She understands that your power lies in the inherent shape of who we are, taking into account infinite timelines, endless possibilities for creation, and ultimately the understanding that we create what we choose.

Terry works remotely with clients worldwide.

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