August 11 – October 6, 2022

Sacred Soul Alignment LEVEL 2
Practitioner Certification

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August 11, 2022 (module Released August 4)

 WEEK ONE: using THE VORTEX OF CREATION, Alignments & the Heart of Creation with others

Spiritual Responsibility 

How to Work with a Client

Sending Alignments to Others 

  • Become attuned to ALL Level 1 Alignments, the Vortex of Creation, & The Heart of Creation & Alignments to use with others.
  • Learn how to work with the Vortex of Creation, The Heart of Creation & Alignments to facilitate healing for others with integrity.
  • Accentuate and amplify your inborn healing gifts if you’re a new healer (and accelerate your skills if you’re already an experienced healer)
  • Activate your inner “see-er” including psychic abilities, awaken sleeping skills that you didn’t even know were within you and channel divine energies with grace.

Vortex Of Creation Attunement

SACRED CODES ATTUNEMENT for All Level 1 Alignments to Attune for Using Alignments with Others

Live Call Attunements:

Awakening The Senses: The Awakening the Senses Attunement arouses the senses so you can see, hear, understand and know the things that are unseen, unspoken and unheard. This will assist you in fully trusting yourself and your healing abilities while intensifying and expanding your psychic senses and abilities.

August 18, 2022 (module Released August 11)


  • Receive the Love & Relationship Series of Alignments which includes OneHeart, Expanding Self-Worth and Self-Love, Past Life Trauma Release, Ties That Bind and more.
  • Disconnect from past lovers, heal past relationship pain plus release trauma from the family of origin and learn how to support others to do the same.
  • Discover the sacred process of calling in your Beloved and learn how to support others to do the same.
  • Create deep, lasting authentic relationships so you know you are constantly surrounded and supported with the energy of true love and connection.

Live Call Attunements:

Sacred Codes For The Love & Relationship Series: The Sacred Codes for the Love & Relationship Series will attune you to the 23 Sacred Soul Alignments in this class, so that you are able to run the energy and send them to yourself, individuals or groups.

August 25, 2022 (module Released August 18)


  • Receive the Wealth & Abundance Series of Alignments which include the Abundance of the Ocean, Manifesting Abundance, Raise your Money Ceiling, Poverty, Struggle & Suffering Disconnect and more.
  • Release money and abundance blocks as you expand your capacity to give and receive unlimited wealth.
  • Clear financial trauma that can be tracked back all the way to your ancestral lineage and disconnect form money and wealth challenges.
  • Learn powerful processes to create abundance and processes to activate the money that is currently in your life and to activate money that is about to flow in your life.

Live Call Attunements:

The Divine Masculine: This Attunement will align you with and/or balance the outward-directed Divine Masculine energy, allowing you to take that which is being birthed within your Divine Feminine nature, out into the world. You will also receive the energies of strength, understanding, logic, reasoning and warrior energy while it activates upward momentum and inspired action.

The Sacred Codes for the Wealth & Abundance Series will attune you to the 36 Sacred Soul Alignments in this class, so that you are able to run the energy and send them to yourself, individuals or groups.

September 1 & 8, 2022 (modules released August 25 & September 1)


  • Receive the Business Alignment Series which includes Disconnecting from Lack Matrix, Visibility, Fear of Failure, Comparison is the Thief of Joy and more.
  • Release some if the most common blocks that may be preventing you from being visible and gain the confidence to start and grow an aligned, successful business 
  • Discover 3 formulas you can implement right ways to recoup your investment for this course over and over again. 
  • Learn the 4 most important areas of focus for growing, scaling and maintaining a successful online (or in person) healing business, and when to put your attention on each area for maximum results. 
  • Learn when to hire a team, who to hire, and when it’s a waste of money. 
  • Discover the basic systems and structures you need at various levels of business
  • Learn how to create a journey you can take your clients on, beginning with a free “opt in” that leads to your signature program.
  • BONUS: Learn the legal basics needed to protect yourself and your business (with guest teacher Stacy Spain)
  • BONUS Module (released September 15) : Discover basics of how to write compelling copy (with guest teacher, Shantini Rajah: Shantini Rajah is an Intuitive Expression Coach, Creative Copywriting Specialist, and she is the Founder of the 1 Healing Breath Method. She received her Advanced Sacred Soul Alignment Practitioner Certification back in 2017. Shantini’s personal writing and client work have been featured in publications like ELLE, Harper’s Bazaar, Forbes and Inc. and she has worked with major clients such as Mindvalley, She also writes for some of the most gifted and successful coaches and healers in the world including Donna Eden and Elysia Hartzell. Shantini’s writing has helped bring in millions of dollars in sales and her mission is to show spiritual conscious women entrepreneurs that they can be wildly successful without sacrificing their values or integrity.

Live Call Attunements:

Sacred Codes for the Business Series will attune you to the 21 Sacred Soul Alignments in this class, so that you are able to run the energy and send them to yourself, individuals or groups.

September 15, 2022 (module released September 8)


  • Receive the Health & Wellbeing Series, Advanced Health Series, Weight Series & Body System Series of Alignments which includes Clear Vision, Endocrine System Balance, Sleep Soundly, Vitality, Pain Relief, Medical Trauma Release, Nervous System and more.
  • Call in and embody radiant health, energy, youth and vitality through levels of your being.
  • Learn how to safely and expertly perform “Etheric Psychic Surgery” which is the art of working with the etheric body — a direct replica of our physical body – to heal and enhance your physical health.
  • Discover how to effectively work with the physical body to create optimal wellness
  • BONUS:  With

    Kimberlie Carlson is a multidimensional healer, teacher, mentor, and creator of Energetic Allergy Healing, which is a powerful healing modality that releases trauma, eliminates allergies and inflammation from the body and heals your entire be-ing in a deep and lasting way. Through her unique, multidimensional method, Kim works to heal physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual issues. She peels back layers of pain and dis-ease, to go deeper until the root cause is discovered and completely healed. Whether you’re dealing with chronic pain, exhausting allergies, an autoimmune condition, recurring negative experiences in your life or something else entirely, Kim will meet you exactly where you’re at, ready to go all in healing on all parts and aspects of you. Kimberlie is also CoCreator alongside Elysia Hartzell of Sacred Light Healing

    In our live call on Septmeber 15, Kimberlie will teach and attune you to 2 powerful EAH Healing Tools!

    Environmental Detox Healing

    Healing Your Relationship with Nature

Live Call Attunements:

Womb Of Mother Earth Attunement: This is a journey Attunement where you will visit the Womb of Mother Earth, a beautiful crystal cave in the center of the earth, to receive powerful healing and experience a life-changing rebirthing process. The healing you receive during this Attunement is unique to you, You will shed countless layers of the “Old Self” that is no longer needed, while bringing back potent, gifted, skilled parts of yourself that have been lost across lifetimes.

The Sacred Codes for the Health & Wellbeing Series, Advanced Health Series, Weight Series & Body System Series will attune you to the vibration of the 59 Sacred Soul Alignments in this class, so that you are able to run the energy and send them to yourself, individuals or groups.

Attunement from Kimberlie for:

  • Environmental Detox Healing

  • Healing Your Relationship with Nature


September 22, 2022 (module released September 15)


  • Receive the Chakra Series of Alignments which includes the 7 main chakras, plus Earth Star, High Heart, Causal, Soul Star & Stellar Gateway
  • Receive the Subtle Bodies Series of Alignments which includes Etheric Body, Emotional Body, Mental Body, Astral & Causal Bodies
  • Receive the Rays of Creation Series of Alignments 
  • Receive the Gifts of the Spirit Series of Alignments 
  • Receive the DNA Awakening 3-part Series of Alignments 
  • Learn how to take your healing work much deeper by working with the chakras and subtle bodies 
  • Discover how to safely and effectively awaken/activate DNA beyond the double helix to affect access to higher spiritual gifts and abilities, increasing intuition and psychic abilities, create a stronger immune system and much more

Live Call Attunements:

Strengthening and Expanding Your Pillar of Light and Subtle Bodies: This Attunement will strengthen each of your subtle bodies and your pillar of light, which will allow for you to hold much more light and a much higher vibration consistently. We will also be activating the 5 Koshas from Vedic tradition. ( Kosha means “sheath”, a covering of the Atman, or Self and they are often visualized as the layers of an onion)

The Sacred Codes for the Chakras, Subtle Bodies, DNA Awakening Series will attune you to the vibration of the 41 Sacred Soul Alignments in this class, so that you are able to run the energy and send them to yourself, individuals or groups.

September 29, 2022 (module released September 22)

Goddess, Animal Spirit and Spiritual Beings Series, Ascended Masters, Color Frequencies

  • Receive the Goddess Series of Alignments which includes the goddesses  Kuan Yin, Kali, Artemis, Pele, Aphrodite and more 
  • Learn more about each of the 16 Goddesses in this series so you can more easily work with their energies
  • Receive the Animal Spirit and Spiritual Beings Series of Alignments which includes Dragon, Bee, Fox, Hummingbird, Turtle, and more
  • Receive the Ascended Masters Series of Alignments which includes the Masters Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Melchizedek, Buddha and more, as well as Pleiadian Wisdom, Atlantean Wisdom & Lemurian Wisdom 
  • Receive the Color Frequency Series of Alignments and learn how to work with color frequency to take your energy work to a new level
  • BONUS:  Color Frequency class with Sherry Lynn Sherry Lynn is a multi-dimensional healer and leadership coach, who has been working with and studying the transformational power of color for more than 20 years. She is certified as a color energy specialist and guides others to connect to their own illumination through color as the sign language of the soul. From teaching the language of color to using the healing energy of plasma colored light rays, color is one of her favorite tools for spiritual enlightenment, healing and expansion. 

Live Call Attunements:

The Sacred Codes for the Goddess, Animal Spirit and Spiritual Beings Series, Ascended Masters, Color Frequencies Series will attune you to the vibration of the 60 Sacred Soul Alignments in this class, so that you are able to run the energy and send them to yourself, individuals or groups.

October 1, 2022 (module released September 29)

week nine: BONUS with Kimberlie Carlson & Elysia Hartzell: Getting Attuned to Sacred Light Tools for use with others: Sacred Light Purification, Flush, & Defrag

OCTOBER 6, 2022 (module Released october 1)

WEEK ten: GOING FORTH AS A POWERFUL HEALING & Creating Cocktails for infinite possibilities
or groups.

  • BONUS: Become attuned to BRAND NEW Alignments: Pineal Gland & Limbic System
  • Bring together, fully receive and embody all of the healing magic and sacred knowledge during this program  to create potent healing experiences for individuals and groups
  • Reconnect with the tools, techniques and processes you learned over the past few weeks.
  • Discover how to create extraordinary individualized results quickly and efficiently by creating Sacred Soul ALignment COCKTAILS.
  • Become attuned to 6 potent cocktails including Immunity Cocktail, Sleep Cocktail, Healthy Relationships Cocktail & Anxiety & Depression Cocktail

Live Call Attunements:

SACRED CODES Attunement for Pineal Gland & Limbic System

Become attuned to 6 pre-made cocktails so that you are able to run the energy of these cocktails and send them to yourself, individuals 

pay in full bonus #1 October 1 @ 3pm PT

 with Kimberlie Carlson & Elysia Hartzell – Special class to become attuned to Sacred Light Covid Vaccine & Vaccine Trauma Healing Tool AND Sacred Light Covid Healing Tool 

Sacred Light Covid Vaccine & Vaccine Trauma Healing:

This healing is incredibly thorough (it’s based on roughly 100 hours of research and work with clients), going beyond what we are sharing here, but these are the main benefits:

  • Creating immunity and prevention for Covid itself and includes the variants/mutations of the SARS CoV2 Virus. 

  • Brings in support and healing for your immune system, increasing your immune function

  • Assists your body in detoxing Covid vaccine toxins and includes all vaccines that are available today.

  • Reduces “reactions”, and risk of reaction to the vaccines

  • Provides protection against any toxic effects of the vaccine

  • Clears any potential toxins or toxic effects from the vaccines that are in our environment

  • Clears vaccine trauma held in the body and cellular memory from this lifetime, through all lifetimes, timelines, realities and dimensions.

  • Clears trauma around and with masks, control, and being “silenced” which is getting triggered for so many. Contains healing support for the throat Chakra, and your ability to express your truth.

  • Clears low vibrational emotions connected to Covid and the vaccines like fear, anger, confusion, stress, anxiety, any emotions you are holding in your body and energy bodies that are part of all that has been going on with this in the collective. 
  • Assists in de-activating, releasing and calming down the inflammation from pathogens in the body that are being activated by the SARS Viruses as well as the Covid Vaccines which has been and continues to dramatically comprise the immune health of so many.  Viruses like Epstein Barr, bacterias that are the cause of Lyme disease, and other pathogens that generally compromise the lungs, throat, and sinuses like the Tuberculinum and Pnumoniacococcnum bacterias, to name a few of the ones we are most commonly seeing.   
  • Clears allergies to all vaccines that Kimberlie Carlson has available in her very extensive allergy healing kits. So you can use this healing tool to heal the body, release toxins and calm down inflammatory patterns that are a result of any and all vaccines ever administered.                            

Sacred Light Covid Healing

This healing is a perfect partner for the Covid Vaccine/Vaccine Trauma Release Healing as it brings in support and healing for Covid itself in other ways addressing deeper complexities that have come to light regarding the longer implications of of Covid, the after effects of Covid in the body that come from a histamine response to the Covid spike proteins along with the activation of other pathogens in the body like Epstein Barr Virus, other Herpes Viruses like Varicella Zoster which causes chicken pox and shingles, Infectious mononucleosis, Haemophilus Influenzae, Coxsackievirus, and other Coronaviruses, like SARS and MERS, as well as fungus, and Candida yeast.

Our detox pathways like the lungs, liver and skin become bogged down and compromised.

What does this mean?

It means people are experiencing new: allergies, new illness, more or lingering deep fatigue, brain fog, heart related issues like low blood pressure, or racing, arrhythmia (erratic heart beat), dizziness, bloating, rashes, Hives and/or eczema, headaches or migraines, unexplained itching, itchy eyes/runny nose/congestion, premenstrual cramping or headaches, diarrhea, flushing, wheezing, runny nose, watery eyes, Swelling of face/hands/lips, and/or heartburn.

This is also the cause of lingering Covid or Long Covid.

For this healing the main components are allergy healing for a long list of things that assist us in calming down this immune/histamine response, support lung, liver and skin repair and function, and help to begin releasing these toxins and support our immune system all delivered into the respiratory system, and body, even into the cells through a Spiritual Technology that came initially to help us support our own bodies and health and to then share it with others and Elysia was guided to use this technology as a focused energetic delivery system for accelerated healing and support.

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