Unapologetically You

Unearth The Forgotten Truth of Who You Are & Reclaim the Life You Were Born to Live

Unearth The Forgotten Truth of Who You Are & Reclaim the Life You Were Born to Live


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What if the life you’re living right now isn’t the one you were born for?  What if there’s a deeper purpose, a higher calling and a greater destiny waiting for you?

Countless people live their entire lives shrouded from the truth of who they are. 

It’s why they struggle with the pain, and heartbreak of living with their unrealized dreams and desires every single day.

Deep down, they can’t escape from the intuitive knowing that whispers…

“This is NOT who I am and this is not the life I want”

Does that sound familiar? The good news is there’s a different path than the one that leaves you feeling stuck in a life that isn’t yours. 

It’s a path that’s available to those of us who are ready to embrace our true, authentic self.

When you can show up as yourself when you are unchained from the fears, self-doubt, and beliefs that hold you back when you are unafraid to be seen for who you truly are…

You can channel unlimited creative power and potential. Why? Because you come from Divine Source and in your natural, authentic state…


This means when you know who you are and you have the courage and confidence to LIVE as yourself, you will come into perfect alignment with the energy of creation. 

It’s how all that you desire can arrive in your reality with ease.

Unearthing the forgotten truth of who you are is a sacred journey, and it isn’t for the faint of heart…

But when you join me, you’ll see that everything you’ve ever desired was within you all along and it’s all within your reach. Right now.


Unapologetically YOU

The Sacred Journey Into the Brilliant Essence & Energy of Who You Truly Are 

In Unapologetically YOU, we’ll take a powerful, experiential healing and learning journey into the pure divine essence and energy of YOU.

We’ll restore the highest truth of who you are so you can have instant, unconditional access to Divine Source and to ALL possibilities as you intentionally and gracefully take charge of your life…

And rise up to call in your boldest vision, and your greatest destiny

In other words… you’ll finally live your life your way, the life you were born for not the life other people expect you to live.

When You Join Unapologetically YOU,
You Will:


    Transcend unwanted coercion and influence from family, culture, society, and belief systems that leave you feeling small, playing small and wanting to hide


    Feel excited about being seen, heard and understood as you embrace being visible as you step forward to share your gifts, skills and message with the world 


    Recognize and embody your sovereign self so you are always connected to your greatest vision and destiny in ways that feel easeful, graceful and aligned


    Tune into your authentic voice and energy so you can be fully and freely guided by your truth and easily make choices that are aligned with your values


    Know exactly what to do and say when you see challenges, questions and resistance from loved ones, friends and others as you step into your true yourself 


    Recall aspects of yourself that are fragmented, scattered, and wrongfully extracted by others so you can heal on the deepest level into wholeness and stand strong in your Divine power.


    Get crystal clear on exactly what you want and how to get it so you can experience deep meaning and enlightened contribution in your work and in your life


    Receive a potent, and unique cocktail of Sacred Soul Alignments, Sacred Light Tools, and Sacred Soul Symbols to invite safety in connecting with your truth as you release blocks and resistance to shine your unique light as yourself

    Plus You’ll Receive These Intentionally Designed FREE Bonuses to Unlock Your Hidden Gifts and Confidently Show Up as Your True Self

    FREE BONUS GIFT #1: The incredibly powerful activated image of the Sacred Shield of Sovereignty to call in embodied healing, and safety in living as who you are no matter what

    FREE BONUS GIFT #2  Special healing audio from the call that you can listen to again and again to deepen your healing journey and continuously nurture your authentic self 

    FREE BONUS GIFT #3  Life-changing questions to gain crystal clarity on who you truly are so you can reach your highest life vision and confidently answer the call of your soul purpose


    Date: Friday, November 18, 2022

    Time: 11am PT / 2pm ET / 7pm UK


    We’ll meet on Zoom. You’ll receive a private Zoom link via email when you sign up.

    (You’ll also receive a recording of the entire class so you can access this class anytime!)



    Right now, you can join The Unapologetically YOU Masterclass on its own for $97 OR you can get it for FREE when you join in a powerful healing and transformational experience unlike anything I’ve ever shared before (and I’m guessing you’ve never seen anything like it!)

    Sacred Soul Experience is a year-long container of healing magic and miracles where I’ll share 

    In-the-moment wisdom and healing 

    Brand new sacred technologies and techniques

    Personal go-to healing tools I don’t share anywhere else

    Never-before-released co-creation and manifesting tools and more

    We will come together in a community with kindred spirits from around the world — people who desire and dream of creating more love, abundance, freedom, happiness and empowerment, and healing in the world.

    I’m calling this the Sacred Soul Experience and you’re invited to join us! Your unique Sacred Soul Experience includes:

    Your Unique Sacred Soul Experience Includes:


    These are one-of-a-kind classes and healing experiences available exclusively at ZERO cost only for Sacred Soul Experience community members. Themes and topics we’ll dive into include:

    • Accessing hidden spiritual gifts such as psychic and intuitive abilities, healing and creative skills, and more 
    • Clearing energetic and physical clutter so you can invite powerful, supportive energies that bring you your heart’s desires
    • Finally release excess weight so you can look and feel better than you have in years (or maybe ever!)
    • Dissolving ancestral trauma and patterns that keep you stuck in ways that don’t serve you, including work situations, financial challenges like debt, painful addictions and more 
    • Healing current relationships that leave you drained and disillusioned so you can make space for loving, nurturing relationships that align with who you truly are
    • How to expertly set up protection and manifesting technologies in your home (this will totally change the vibrational frequency in your living environment!)
    • Amplifying and expanding physical health, strength & vitality while optimizing your immune system…and so much more!!!



    Sacred Soul Symbols are sacred technologies that have been coming in for me since March 2021. I’ll show you how to work with them to manifest your desires, release limiting beliefs, heal past pain and trauma and more. 

    Sacred Soul Symbols are available ONLY inside the Sacred Soul Experience. 

    Example: The Shield of Sovereignty Symbol provides protection, strengthens personal boundaries and while creating a sense of wholeness and sovereignty. 


    This incredibly versatile technology works to clear and dissolve discordant energies and patterns across all layers and levels of time and dimensions, dissolving throughout the ancestral lines, within the Soul Records (Akash) and across time.

    This technology also brings in and activates for you what you are ready to receive from a soul level for activation of gifts, abilities, and co-creations in the physical realm.

    The Illuminate & Create Symbol holds your intentions, and anchors them into the physical while sending signals out into the Universe to draw your desires into your physical reality.


    I’ll be closing some of my other Facebook communities so I can create space, time and energy to focus on the Sacred Soul Experience community on Facebook.This is going to be the BEST place to connect directly with me and it’s almost like having a personal healing sessions (minus the price tag!). 

    I want this to be the most loving, transformational and fun space and so I’ll be sharing unique pop-up healing classes, Oracle Card Readings, Soul Guidance Readings plus surprise discounts & freebies along the way!

    This is just a taste of what you can expect in this ongoing sacred container! I’ll be sharing my personal journey ONLY with Sacred Soul Experience participants (or Sacred Soul Insiders :-)).  

    This is a creative, inspired, transformational healing space full of gifts and in-the-moment magic. Whenever I allow myself to be guided in this way, astonishing transformations happen — always!


    Standalone Masterclass


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