Elysia Hartzell

A gifted healer, teacher and mentor, Elysia Hartzell is deeply respected and loved by thousands of people around the world. Her healing work is rooted in multi-dimensional energies that transcend the boundaries of time and space.

Elysia is the creator and founder of Sacred Soul Alignment™– a gentle yet extraordinarily powerful modality that amplifies manifestation and co-creation skills at the highest level. Sacred Soul Alignments open the door to lasting inner transformations and divine alignment on all levels – body, mind and soul.

The very first Sacred Soul Alignment —  “The Wisdom of the Trees”  — was transmitted to Elysia while she was hiking at Ohanapecosh in Mt. Rainier National Park, in Washington State. She was then guided into a soul-shifting journey which led to her living on Maui where hundreds of Sacred Soul Alignments were given to her by Source.

Elysia has currently certified more than 500 people in the art of healing themselves and others with Sacred Soul Alignments and the number of practitioners who are drawn to study with her, has continued to grow, exponentially, since she first started teaching her modality in 2016.

Elysia has devoted years to becoming a transformational healer of deep integrity. From the very beginning, her work created powerful, positive shifts for her clients and she also saw incredible changes in her own life when she went from being a homeless mother of 3 young daughters to becoming a successful entrepreneur and renowned healer in just a few short years.

Today, Elysia’s work also involves helping people release conscious and unconscious traumas, dense, difficult emotions, untruths and false limiting beliefs and programming; negative mental patterns and also pain and disease in the body.

She mentors and teaches countless lightworkers, healers, seekers, and creatives – essentially those who are called to the light –  on how they can heal themselves, and others. She lovingly guides them to walk the sacred path to their highest purpose so they can rise up to embrace their innate healing gifts and skills.

Elysia has devoted her life’s work to helping people understand on a soul level that they are born worthy. Her deepest desire is to empower more people with the healing energies of Sacred Soul Alignments to create an unstoppable ripple effect of transformation and truth that raises the vibration of the entire planet.

Her sacred purpose is to help lift humanity out of pain and struggle and into the healing and transformational vibration of unconditional love.