Elysia Sept

I have a BIG vision, and I believe it’s my Divine Mission to create one of the largest, collaborative tapestry of healers this planet has ever seen.

Together, we will heal millions of lives and generate a powerful, positive impact on our world and on humanity as a whole.

If this resonates with you, if it feels right and true in your heart and soul, then I invite you to join me on this mission and purpose…

Whether you are here seeking to be healed or you are here to heal and explore expanding a healing practice for yourself or with others, here’s what I want you to know…

You are magic. You are potent energy. You are love. Your life is incredibly significant, deeply meaningful. You are a crucial element of the perfection of Universal Design, A Design that connects all of life … A Design of love and of beauty and of light. All of your choices brought you right here to this moment in time because…

You Are Ready to Open the Doorway to Your Deepest Truth,
Your Deepest Desires.

Sacred Soul Alignment™ is like a secret passcode that opens a magical, mystical portal to lasting love, success, abundance and so much more.

This is a unique and potent modality that leads to transformational healing on all levels of your being. It elevates your ability to co-create your life with ease and it creates a deep connection with the magnificent higher frequencies of Pure Source Energy.

I’ve worked with thousands of people and I’ve had the honor to witness the profound joy that emerges from within… both in the practitioners giving the Alignments and those who receive the Alignments.

The very first Sacred Soul Alignment — “The Wisdom of the Trees” — came through for me in 2016, while I was hiking at Ohanapecosh in Mt. Rainier National Park, in Washington State.

Since then, I’ve been on a life-changing journey which led me to live on Maui for a year in order to channel and create over 300 (and growing!) individual Sacred Soul Alignment™ and to certify more than 300 Sacred Soul Alignment™ practitioners around the world.

Life Changing

This simple, loving and powerful modality is a collective result of years and years of deep energy work, learning and practice and it includes processes and energies that are very easy to use. They are gentle yet extraordinarily powerful.

The Alignments work beautifully with any other healing methods or processes you may already be using and the many various ways the Alignments can be utilized is limited only by the imagination (I am constantly discovering new ways to integrate Sacred Soul Alignment™ into my life and healing practice)

If you choose to be a Sacred Soul Alignment™ practitioner, you will receive powerful Attunements to unlock your ability to channel clear, divine wisdom from Source. This means you can immediately begin working with the Alignments even if you’ve never done healing work before!

The Attunements will also connect you to your own Divine Aspect so you can easily channel healing energies and accurate insights and wisdom for yourself and for those you heal.

What is Sacred Soul Alignment

An energy healing quality, of any model, that profoundly transforms and heals all aspects of your life is known as Sacred Soul Alignment. It has the potential to heal the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional elements of every person.

The Sacred Soul is a powerful healing modality that releases the negative beliefs from an individual’s life and brings the highest level of healing and manifestation. It leads to transformation and allows you to achieve inner alignment. With Scared Soul Alignment, you can keep yourself away from the negative energies throughout life. It helps you stay away from limiting beliefs and empower yourself with positive beliefs. You can achieve the ability to resolve the unnecessary agreements that are blocking you from creating desires.


life-changing modality

Soul Alignment clears the negative feelings and emotions connected with your DNA, cellular memory, and nervous system. Sacred Soul Alignments put in order your DNA, cell, and energy fields to match the energies of that specific order. These qualities naturally exist in every human being; however, these alignments help raise your vibration to accept them.

The soul alignment potentially works beyond time to heal your past, present, and future experiences, as well as the collective experiences in your life. Due to this effect, soul alignment is widely popular, and when you work on it you are healing your entire lineage.

Sacred Soul Alignment is the unique model that leads to complete healing on all levels and elevates the ability to co-create your life with ease. The Alignment works in an excellent way with other healing techniques that you may already be using. A powerful healing session of Sacred Soul Alignment can build your reputation as an effective and powerful healer of integrity.

Sacred Soul AlignmentTM Will Transform & Heal ALL Aspects of You… The Emotional, Mental, Physical and Spiritual Layers of Your Existence.

Every Alignment works beyond time and space and heals your past, future, present and parallel reality experiences, the experiences of the Collective, and even the DNA level of your ancestral lineage. This means that when you work on yourself with Sacred Soul Alignment™, you are also healing your entire family line, and all of humanity.

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