Practitioner Testimonials

Is Sacred Soul Alignment a good place to start?

“Because you give so much it’s an incredible place to start…. you are so generous that whenever anything comes up with anyone in the course you’re right there helping to clear it out

…. and then on top of that you give this phenomenal this gift of this energy and it’s it’s accessing such deep energy

….and so these parts of our lives where we get stuck

….which might lead to illness or to experiencing things that we don’t want to experience….

it gets all shaken out and cleared out…”

Sacred Soul AlignmentTM will Transform & Heal ALL Aspects of You… The Emotional, Mental, Physical and Spiritual Layers of Your Existence.

Every Alignment works beyond time and space and heals your past, future, present and parallel reality experiences, the experiences of the Collective, and even the DNA level of your ancestral lineage.

This means that when you work on yourself with Sacred Soul Alignment™, you are also healing your entire family line, and all of humanity.

“If I was just sit back and think, when did these things change for me in a massive Quantum Leap recently …it is since I started using these alignments”

Valerie Sorrentino

“The Attunements are INCREDIBLE! It doesn’t matter whether you want to take this to the next level and actually be a practicing practitioner or you just want to do the healing for yourself….I’ve taken thesis tools and I blend them with everything I do…what it really does is amplify everything you do and how you spread your light.”

Marianne Gresham

“The beauty of the Alignments and your whole program… is the ease in which it is to use them… there’s probably not a day that goes by even now two and a half years later where I’m not using alignments all the time that I use them everyday.”

Caroline Nixon

“This was a gigantic part of my Awakening process …. just opening up and breaking away from beliefs was so potent for me and opened up just so much so fast. There’s a lot of pieces that {Sacred Soul Alignment} brings together that if you were trying to piece it together on your own would be really hard to find all of that this fast and this class brings it all together in a way that you can digest comfortably and it makes it really approachable… and really you “just get it”

Courtney Harper

“I always felt like there was something missing…..

THIS was the missing piece….what I didn’t know was how much it was going to affect me personally….

so whether or not you’re a coach or a Healer out in the world and wanting to put this work out….or whether you’re just wants to clear your own blocks in the most healing and grace filled way…..

this work is incredibly impactful and yet so gentle and effective….

it’s so extraordinary….

and the support that you provide is hands-down the most of anyone I’ve worked with .”

Patty Staco

“There is so much power to these alignments ….and yes you can use them in businesses, and with other modalities, but even just buying this program for yourself, for your family is worth ten times what you pay for it.”

Sandra Mayeux

“What’s happened with these alignments is….any one who comes to me in any situation ..there is a way that I can help them significantly”

Pamela Strum

“It allowed me to have a clear vision of what I want.”

Alison Sherwood

“Of all the things I have learned in the last several years {Sacred Soul Alignment} helped create the highest impact in the shortest amount of time”

Hayley Hunter Hines

“I stepped in fully into my powers as a healer and I haven’t looked backed!”

Patricia LeBlanc

“This was a remarkable experience not only for my own personal healing but also for my business.”

Adri Kyser

Sacred Soul Alignment™ Transform & Heal ALL Aspects of You… The Emotional, Mental, Physical and Spiritual Layers of Your Existence.


Lorraine Castro

“Personally, I have never felt so free, so unburdened …Through the process of learning Sacred Soul Alignment you begin to heal. You gain a stronger sense of who you really are and what you are capable of doing. You can feel the inner space you hold expanding.

Your bandwidth opens up and your heart bursts in gratitude and into bliss. Elysia protects and supports you as you heal, in order to become a better healer of yourself and others. She is a way-shower on the road to ascension! “

– Lorraine Castro

Sexual Empowerment & Intimacy Coaching | Sandra Mayeux

“Working with Elysia has been such a positive experience. The information and alignments were amazing. This led me to sign up for her Sacred Soul Alignment certification. This is when I truly learned how amazing Elysia is.

She is a fabulous teacher. She is patient and thorough. She makes sure everyone’s questions are answered and no one gets left behind.

She really cares about the people in her courses. She even went out of her way to record a healing for my daughter who was sick. I have nothing but kind things to say about Elysia. She runs her business with both heart and integrity. I would highly recommend working with her. “

– Sandra Mayeux

Dolores Collins

“I love Elysia! Such a beautiful, genuine, caring teacher. I felt like for the first time in my life, I could differentiate between what feelings were mine, and what belonged to someone else and keep mine separate. Which for me is huge! And I could move forward, just me into whatever future I chose.

I am much happier. I’m currently learning the Sacred Soul Alignment Modality. I am so excited for this new life path and future ahead of me. So if you’re thinking about working with Elysia. I’d do it, I’d do it a million times over. “

– Dolores Collins

This simple, loving and powerful modality is a collective result of years and years of deep energy work, learning and practice and it includes processes and energies that are very easy to use. They are gentle yet extraordinarily powerful.

The Alignments work beautifully with any other healing methods or processes you may already be using and the many various ways the Alignments can be utilized is limited only by the imagination (I am constantly discovering new ways to integrate Sacred Soul Alignment™ into my life and healing practice)

If you choose to be a Sacred Soul Alignment™ practitioner, you will receive powerful Attunements to unlock your ability to channel clear, divine wisdom from Source. This means you can immediately begin working with the Alignments even if you’ve never done healing work before!

The Attunements will also connect you to your own Divine Aspect so you can easily channel healing energies and accurate insights and wisdom for yourself and for those you heal.

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