How to Find and Develop Your Clair Abilities

Do you know your clair abilities? Your clair abilities are like psychic senses that you can use to interpret intuitive information and connect with spirit.

The 5 Psychic Senses

There are five different clair abilities that roughly correspond with our five physical senses: clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance, and clairempathy. The clairvoyant meaning is clear seeing, the clairaudient meaning is clear hearing, the claircognizant meaning is clear knowing, and the clairempath meaning is clear emotion.

Like our five physical senses, we all have access to each of the clair abilities. However, we likely have one or two of them that are naturally stronger than the others. Recognizing and working with your own unique clair abilities helps you grow your intuitive sense and psychic powers, and connect deeper with spirit. Once you know how your intuition shows up, you’re able to develop your senses in an intentional way, in order to live a life guided by intuition and connect with your magic and purpose. Over time, you can strengthen and sharpen all five of your psychic senses.

Understanding the different clair abilities and how they work for you is a vital part of tapping into your intuitive and psychic abilities.

Clairvoyance – Clear Seeing

Think of clairvoyance as “seeing” intuitive information on the “inner screen” of your mind. Sometimes it is a color, number or symbol. Clairvoyants use their third eye or fifth chakra. This is when visions past, present and future flash through our mind’s eye, or third eye, much like a daydream. Many of us are highly visual and able to understand an idea best when we see it written or sketched out as an image on a computer screen or on a canvas. Visual people often choose to be artists, builders, photographers, decorators, designers and so forth. If this sounds familiar, your clairvoyance is most likely a dominant sense.

A clairvoyant person receives extrasensory impressions and symbols in the form of mental images through their mind’s eye (third eye). You may be clairvoyant if you experience vivid dreams, visions, mental images and mini-movies that flash into your inner awareness. You may be able to see the colors of the energy fields (auras) around people, plants, and animals, or perhaps you are able to see angels, ghosts, or other beings. You may have a propensity for clairvoyance if you are a “visual” person, can easily visualize solutions to problems, have a great sense of direction, or are very good with visual-spatial problems, like rearranging furniture or loading and arranging the items in the dishwasher. A clairvoyant may have the ability to see the future (precognition), to clarify and illuminate the present (to see what is not readily apparent, to read the energy) and see the past (postcognition).

Exercise for Developing Clairvoyance

Go into your heart. Bring to mind your third eye, between your eyebrows. Visualize an eyelid on your third eye opening up. Visualization sets an intention to do something. If you visualize this regularly, you’re putting energy behind your intention to open up your third eye, your psychic sight.

It’s also important to decalcify your pineal gland by eliminating Fluoride and Mercury, increasing Iodine (seaweed is an excellent source), drinking alkaline water, and supplementing with things such as turmeric (adding black pepper increases absorption), raw apple cider vinegar, raw cacao, chaga mushroom, fulvic acid and shilajit.

Clairaudience – Clear Hearing

With clairaudience, intuitive information comes through sounds, which most often come through as thoughts. This is when we hear words, sounds or music in our own mind’s voice. On rare occasions, spirit may be able to create audible sound such as hearing an audible STOP to prevent you from getting into a car accident. Some of us best retain and comprehend information when we hear it spoken aloud. Our natural talents tend to lie in our auditory faculties, often making us gifted musicians, singers, writers and public speakers. If this feels right to you, clairaudience may be a leading sense for you.

If you are clairaudient (clear hearing), you are able to perceive sounds, words or noise from the spiritual or ethereal realm. Someone is clairaudient if they mainly receive their intuitive information with their inner or outer hearing. Yes, we are talking about hearing voices (either outside of yourself or in your head)! An example is that you’re driving to work and suddenly hear “Take the next exit.” There is no one in the vehicle with you. However, the message was clear, and seemed to come from outside of yourself. You take the next exit instead of driving your usual route. When you arrive at work, you learn you avoided a five car pile up, which would have made you miss a very important meeting. You might lean towards clairaudience if you are naturally attuned to sounds, tones, rhythm and music. If you sing, play music, have an easy time remembering voices, or can easily hear it in someone’s voice when they are lying to you.

Exercises for Developing Clairaudience

The more you develop your physical hearing, the more tuned in your psychic hearing will be. Practicing listening as in the exercise above is a great way to begin. Here are some other ways: when you are listening to music (classical music is excellent for
this), go into your heart and practice hearing just ONE of the instruments and see if you can notice a distinction between them; when you are in silence, see if you can “hear” a song in your mind; tune into far away sounds; and intentionally ask for messages from the spirit realm in the form of audible messages such as music.

Claircognizance – Clear Knowing

With claircognizance, intuitive information comes in as things you suddenly just know, even and especially when there is no logical reason you would know it. This is when we have knowledge of people or events that we would not normally have knowledge about. Ideas or truths simply pop into our minds from out of nowhere. An example of this would be a premonition: a forewarning of something that will happen in the future. Claircognizance requires faith because there’s often no practical explanation for why we suddenly “know” something. Many philosophers, professors, doctors, scientists, religious and spiritual leaders and powerful sales and business leaders tend to be highly intuitive and seem to just know the facts with a sense of certainty. If this is you, consider claircognizance as one of your dominant senses.

You experience claircognizance (clear knowing) when you just suddenly know something to be true, even though you didn’t see it, hear it or feel it. You just know it. It’s a stroke of instant insight or a download of information that needs no processing or interpretation. Claircognizance can be experienced as a nagging idea or unrelenting thought, much like the persistent awareness that someone is lying to you when you have no physical evidence of it. Many individuals confuse claircognizance (clear knowing) with clairempathy (clear emotion) or clairsentience (clear physical feeling) because their “knowing” is quickly followed by either a personal emotional or physical reaction to the insight. Overtime, paying attention to how the insight comes into your awareness will help you distinguish the difference.

Exercises for Developing Claircognizance (clear knowing)

Automatic or channeled writing: Go into your heart and connect to your higher self or guides. Write an open ended (not yes or no) question. Without censoring yourself, and with as little “conscious” thought as possible, begin writing the answer to your question. The more often you practice this (as with all practice!) the more clear answers you will receive.

Practice acting on your intuition. For example, if you feel you should take a different route to work, take it. If you get a nudge to call a friend, act on it.
Practice with Zener cards. You can get these on Amazon, or make your own: Take 5 unlined index cards and draw a square on one card, a circle on the next, star on another, wavy lines on the next, and a plus-sign on the last one. Lay the cards in a pile face down. Take one card, keeping it face down, and place it in front of you. Go into your heart, tune into the card. Visualize or imagine what the card is. Turn it over and see if you are correct! The more you practice, the more often you will be correct!

Clairsentience – Clear Feeling

With clairsentience, intuitive information comes through in “gut feelings.” This entails feeling a person’s or spirit’s emotions or feeling another’s physical pain. Many of us are clairsentient without consciously being aware of it. When we get a strong “gut” feeling, positive or negative, about someone we just met or when we get the “chills” for no apparent reason, we may be tuning into the emotional energy of a person or a spirit around us. When we are highly sensitive and are in tune with not only our own feelings, but also the feelings of others, this makes us natural healers and caregivers. We often feel inspired to pursue careers as doctors, therapists, counselors, nannies and teachers. If this is you, clairsentience is at the top of your senses list.

A clairsentient (clear physical feeling) obtains intuitive insight by way of a physical experience in their body. You have a “gut feeling” or “something doesn’t feel right,” and you experience it viscerally, as a physical sensation, in your body. Clairsentient’s feel (not just sense) the experience of other people’s emotions, ailments or injuries. They can also feel the physical and emotional pain of a land or a place where tragic events have occurred such as fear, jealousy, insecurity, hatred, and pain. An example of this is that a friend of mine, a gifted psychic medium, gets an upset stomach when negative entities are nearby or pestering one of her clients. The difference between clairempathy and clairsentience is that empaths sense the emotion whereas sentients experience the emotion. Empaths sense the energy, but sentients feel the energy.

Clairempathy – Clear Emotional Feeling

Clairempathy is similar to clairsentience. You have clairempathy (clear emotion) if you sense other people’s emotions, thoughts and symptoms. It is the awareness or
perception of emotional energy. You don’t necessarily experience the feeling in your body, but you are aware of the feeling. Ever walk into a room after a couple was arguing and sensed the anger and hurt in the room? If so, you are clairempathic.

Empaths need self-care and psychic protection techniques to successfully manage their empathic nature and shield themselves from energetic overload. To learn the difference between their feelings and thoughts and other people’s. We can all learn
how to maintain spiritual boundaries, replenish energy and clear unwanted negative energy from our body and energy field.

The difference between clairempathy and clairsentience is that empaths sense the emotion whereas sentients experience the emotion. Empaths sense the energy, but sentients feel the energy

Exercises for Developing Clairsentience & Clairempathy

People who are strongly clairsentient are very aware of their surroundings, so practicing is best done in a clear space (energetically clear, and clear of clutter)
Have a friend give you a photo of someone they know, but you don’t know. Go into your heart. Look at the photo and especially their eyes. Notice what feelings and emotions come through. Ask your friend who knows this person for accuracy feedback. You can do the same thing with an object, clothing, jewelry, etc. Jewelry works really well because it holds energy strongly. Hold the object in your hands for a few minutes and see what you can intuit about the owner of the object, and ask your friend for accuracy feedback.

Practice feeling in your body. Our bodies hold so much information! When you enter a room or a building, feel how the energy feels in your body. When you know something or someone is not in resonance notice how it feels in your body. When you go into meditation or connect with guides or angels,notice what sensations show up in your body. Do you have a tingling sensation in your head or heart when a presence is around you?

A Lifelong Process

Developing your clair senses is a lifelong process. Some of your clair abilities may be more active at certain times, and as you do these practices to strengthen and hone them you’ll have access to more of them. Developing your clair abilities is an incredibly powerful practice that allows you to tap deeper into the mystical, the magic and the divine, to gain profound insight into every area of your life.

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