The Magical Art of
Sacred Self-Healing 2.0

Discover the Magical Art of Self-Healing
with Sacred Soul Alignments

The Magical Art of Sacred Self-Healing is a simple yet powerful and affordable way for you to work with the potent, healing energies of Sacred Soul Alignments… even if you’ve never done any healing work before!

This course is a  special invitation from my heart to yours to step into love and healing amidst the current chaos we’re experiencing.

By the end of the course, you’ll have the lifelong skill to work with the gentle yet potent, energies of 33 Sacred Soul Alignments that I personally handpicked for you.


Boosting your immunity

Increasing your energy and vitality

Staying healthy and strong in your mental, emotional, physical & spiritual bodies

Releasing negative emotions such as doubt, grief and anxiety

Protecting from collective fears, panic overwhelm and uncertainty and SO much more


You can run these energies and accept these healings for your children under 18, and for members of your family and friends who give you their permission!You’ll learn to easily call in protection, courage, grace, calm and other supportive, loving healing energies during these uncertain, unprecedented times.

With this course, you’ll have the techniques and tools to release chaos and fear and take 100% control of your own healing and experience as you rise in love and sovereignty and reclaim your divinity and your personal power no matter what else is going on in the world right now.

This powerful, self-paced program attunes you to 33 healing Alignments so you can experience deep healing and protection whenever and wherever you need (or want!) them.

Every single one of the 33 Alignments in this class is essentially energetic channel for deep physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing and protection.  The Alignments will also unlock qualities, gifts, abilities, dormant spiritual DNA, and cellular natures that exist within you.

Empowered Self-Healing is
More Important Than Ever

We are now in a period of rapid evolution and energetic shifts. The world is changing in every moment and the current global crisis is stirring up chaos in the energetic and material plan that is both new and ancient.

I was called to create The Magical Art of Sacred Self-Healing so you can easily access  the unlimited magic and healing power of Sacred Soul Alignments on your own and at will (even if you’re not a certified practitioner).

The lessons in this course are essentially an easy-to-follow practice where you can quickly channel the full power of Sacred Soul Alignments to transcend fear & anxiety, release grief & sorrow and protect & heal yourself and your loved ones with ease.

What’s Included?


A Live 2-hour Workshop with me on November 22nd at 1pm PST, including audios and PDFs for you to refer to when following the simple process of running the Alignments.


Attunement to the Vortex of Creation (the “self-use” version of my Sacred Light Vortex) to supercharge your self-healing and take your healing skills to the next level


A Q&A call on November 29th @ 1pm PST where I’ll personally guide you through the process of running the Alignments plus answer any questions you have!


"I am blown away by Elysia Hartzell’s work."

~ Robin Moneyhun

“I am blown away by Elysia Hartzell’s work. I’ve been on a spiritual journey for over 30 decades. In the past I felt like there was a missing piece or something I just wasn’t getting. Through working with Elysia and her phenomenal modality, I have created the spiritual toolbox which I can take with me—practical easy to use tools to move through our world with Grace.”

"Elysia has a very kind approach, has a great ability to hear our questions with the heart and has a deep connection with the spirit."

~ Robin Moneyhun

“It is important to have the help of someone who works with healing, who we trust and who has very powerful tools, a unique spiritual perspective and at the same time is outside our own energy hologram.

Elysia has a very kind approach, has a great ability to hear our questions with the heart and has a deep connection with the spirit.”

"Elysia Hartzell’s Sacred Wealth Virtue program will open you up to new insights...""Elysia has a very kind approach, has a great ability to hear our questions with the heart and has a deep connection with the spirit."

~ Gabriella Marenco

“Elysia Hartzell’s Sacred Wealth Virtue programme will open you up to new insights and help you create a better life experience now. With her wealth of wisdom, knowledge and healing she will gently help you grow and peel away layers of old beliefs uncovering the shiny new you that has always been there – a joyous journey.”

"I had never realized there were so many different aspects to wealth before...."

~ Sonja Prochaska

“I really enjoyed this course. I had never realized there were so many different aspects to wealth before. Also I was able to raise my money ceiling by around $1200 a month consistently. And I don’t work!.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in this program?

You will join me on a live 2-hour workshop on November 22nd at 1pm PST. You will also receive audios of the healing and the Sacred Codes Attunement & Vortex of Creation Attunement, and easy to follow PDF guidelines. All material is accessible in my online classroom, on the app, and downloadable to your device.

There is also a Q&A call on November 22nd at 1pm PST.

What if I am new to healing work?

This is THE perfect place to start! Sacred Soul Alignments are gentle yet extremely powerful and very easy to use.

Does this certify me as a Sacred Soul Alignment practitioner?

No, this class will give you the ability to use the 33 Alignments included in the course for yourself and accept the healing for family members (with their permission).

If you are interested in the certification program, you will receive a discount code with your registration for The Magical Art of Sacred Self Healing in the amount of $297. You can see the certification program here: https://sacredsoulalignment.com/certification/