Unlock Sacred Codes to Potent Healing Technologies, Experience True Joy &
Fulfillment and Become a Gifted, Abundant Healer of Integrity

(Even if You’ve Never Healed Anyone Before)



Module 1:

Body Systems, Advanced Health, Weight

(31 Alignments)

Body System Series (11 alignments)

This series brings in deep multifaceted healing for the physical and metaphysical root causes of disease and illness in each of the 16 body systems including the specific types of emotions dn trauma held within these body systems. Releasing physical dis-ease, reawakening your inherent vibrance, and bringing you back into harmony with all aspects of self.

Advanced SSA Health Series (13 alignments)

This series includes healing for specific organs, as well as fascia and the vagus nerve, medical trauma release, and pain release. These alignments will allow you to take your healing to an even deeper and more targeted level, supporting optimal health and wellness of the whole body.

Advanced SSA Weight Series (7 alignments)

This series includes 7 alignments that address the varied root causes of assisting and releasing physical and emotional weight, supporting optimal health and allowing the body to naturally return to its perfect weight, restoring your innate health and wholeness.

Module 2:

Chakras, Subtle Bodies, DNA Awakening

(20 alignments)

Chakra Alignment Series (12 alignments)

This series of 12 alignments clears the most common traumas from each of the 7 main traumas, allowing them to open, expand and operate optimally. Additionally, they bring in an expansion and anchoring of the 3 higher dimensional, trans-personal chakras above the head: the causal, sole star, and stellar gateway. As well as expanding and anchoring the earth star, high heart, and navel chakras. Together they’ll leave you aligned, anchored, and open.

Subtle Body Alignment Series (5 alignments)

This is one of the most important and versatile series of alignments, which goes deep into clearing and bringing light into the etheric body (a direct duplicate of the physical body), the emotional body, the mental body, and the astral and causal bodies. These alignments will take all work that you’re doing to the next level.

DNA Awakening Series (3 alignments)

This series involves stimulating, reordering and reactivating dormant DNA strands that hold some of our most powerful hidden spiritual gifts and skills such as psychic powers, opening up the clairs (i.e. clairaudience, clairvoyance, and clairsentience), multidimensional travel, amplified energy healing abilities and so much more. They’ll support you to upgrade and ascend at a cellular DNA level.

Module 3:

Color Frequency, Gifts of the Spirit, Rays of Creation

(34 Alignments)

Color Frequency Series (12 alignments)

This series of 12 alignments harnesses the frequency of specific colors to affect healing for the physical, mental and emotional bodies. They bring in specific healing vibrations, and pair perfectly with other alignments to amplify the intentions. Think of them like supercharged energetic color therapy.

Gifts of the Spirit Series (10 alignments)

This series brings a deeper understanding of the 10 spiritual gifts available to all. They support you in uncovering, developing and expanding your spiritual gifts, as well as strengthening the ones that come to you less naturally. They awaken your innate healing powers, amplifying healing work, self work, and spiritual pursuits of all kinds.

Rays of Creation Series (12 alignments)

This series of 12 alignments calls on the divine healing frequencies of the 12 rays of light: the Red Ray of creation and Archangel Michael, the Violet Ray of Freedom, Magic and Merlin, the Green/Turquoise Ray of Creation and the Pleadians, and more. Together these alignments offer potent healing, integration, embodiment, and divine love.

Module 4:

Business & Advanced WeaLTH & ABUNDANCE

(42 Alignments)

Business Alignments Series (21 alignments)

This series of 21 Alignments focuses on a healing or spiritual business, addresses many of the common issues healers face when doing this work as a profession. Includes Alignments such as Disconnecting from Lack Matrix, Fear of Systems, Structures and Technologies, Divine Delegation & Calling in Your Ideal Soulmate Clients.

Advanced SSA Wealth & Abundance (21 alignments)

This is a potent series of 21 Alignments to Unwind blocks to Wealth and Unlock Infinite Abundance in all areas of your life~ includes alignments such as Unwinding Money isn’t Spiritual, Unwinding Mistrust of Money & Wealth, Unlocking Handling Wealth Responsibly & Expanding into Infinite Abundance.

Module 5:

Goddess, Ascended Masters, Animal Spirit, Spiritual Beings

(52 alignments)

Goddess Series (20 alignments)

This series brings in the divine love and light of a pantheon of 20 powerful goddesses. Goddess Isis comes in to offer her magic, Goddess Durga offers her strength of gift for self-realization, and Goddess Lakshmi offers up beautiful, bountiful abundance. These alignments allow you to cocreate healing, abundance and love with these goddesses, inviting in their divinity.

Ascended Masters series (14 alignments)

These alignments bring in the wisdom and love of 14 powerful ascended masters. Mary Magdalene offers her radiant divine feminie energy, unconditional love and sacred sexuality, Serapis Bey comes in to help with the ascension process, Jesus teaches of love, forgiveness and service, Merlin imparts his powerful magic, and so much more.

Animal Spirit (15 alignments)

These alignments bring in the supportive wisdom, healing and magic of 15 animal spirits. The bear comes in to help us through new beginnings and following our hearts, the wolf teaches us their many sacred lessons about trust, freedom and leadership, and the butterfly offers profound transformation and grace. These alignments help to co-create powerful healing and deep shifts, and can be combined with the other divine beings alignments to create a supportive energetic spiritual team.

Spiritual Beings Series (3 alignments)

These alignments bring in the divine energies of 3 very special spiritual beings: the dragon, the phoenix, and the unicorn. Together they bring in divine wisdom, transformational wisdom and deep magic! When used with the goddess, ascended master and animal spirit alignments, they complete a powerful energetic spiritual team.

Module 6:

89 alignments

Herbal Alignment Series (24 alignments)

This series of alignments brings in the healing power of herbs such as Nettles, Passionflower and Burdock to support physical, mental and emotional wellness. Like a super-potent energetic apothecary stocked with healing remedies for a wide array of ailments.

Flower Essence Series (17 alignments)

This series of alignments brings in the gentle yet powerful healing gifts of the floral kingdom. These alignments work on the heart and emotional body to bring about sweet, potent, incredibly loving healing. These are excellent tools for all kinds of emotional healing and soothing.

Essential Oil Frequencies series (12 alignments)

This series of alignments brings in the powerful energetic frequencies and dynamic physical and emotional powers of essential oils such as peppermint, lavender and rose. These alignments work on the physical, mental and emotional levels to deliver healing frequencies for specific outcomes.

Crystal Series (36 alignments)

This series of alignments harnesses the ancient healing frequencies of the crystal kingdom. Crystals such as jet, lapis lazuli, and herkimer come in to offer their unique energies of grounding, intuitive expansion and manifestation. Additionally, there are Andara crystal alignments that come in to offer their deep wisdom and expansion.

Module 7:

Harnessing Sacred Energies

How to Create and protect Your own Energy Packets:
In this class, I teach you 3 ways of creating/channeling/harnessing energy packets, exactly how to create a macro, and how to energetically protect your creations.
I also give you 4 powerful attunements:
Sacred Space: In this journey attunement you will create a unique sacred space for you to work within.
Sacred Container: Running this attunement on the energies you have channeled/created will form a sacred container to hold the energy of your creations …. you also receive the ability to run this Attunement on all of your Energetic creations.
Sacred Protection: This attunement will allow you to energetically protect all of your creations.
Harness Sacred Energies- This attunement picks up where SSA Level One leaves off, unlocking even more of your divine powers of creation.

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