Somewhere between 60,000- 20,000 BCE, the ancient Atlanteans conducted experiments to inoculate and completely shut off the DNA of Lemurians, our magical heritage and rightful inheritance. The following 3 Alignments will heal the trauma from having them shut off and other trauma being held in the DNA from our shared heritage, and begin to awaken these dormant strands of DNA, 


DNA is the ‘blueprint of life and is located in every cell of our bodies. In addition to each chromosome’s 2 strands double helix of DNA, there are additional etheric strands of “junk DNA” available to each human, which has been dormant (these “extra” strands of DNA are not really junk, of course, but scientists have labeled them as such because they don’t know what these strands are for).

DNA Awakening essentially involves stimulating, reordering, and reactivating dormant DNA strands that hold some of our most powerful hidden spiritual gifts and skills such as psychic powers, opening up the claims (i.e. clairaudience, clairvoyance, and clairsentience), multidimensional travel, amplified energy healing abilities and so much more

As a species, we are evolving at an incredible pace. We can think of the DNA Awakening process as waking up our dormant DNA to live our highest potential as more than just human, in the traditional sense of the word. The process allows us to easily survive the environmental poisons on this planet, and rapidly accelerates our spiritual expansion


With DNA Awakening you will…

  • Notice that your words and thoughts are MUCH more powerful, making it easier to create what you desire
  • Naturally, come into alignment with your life’s purpose
  • Experience a massive boost in energy, clarity and focus
  • Enjoy a much stronger immune system – after the 24-strand activation, your body will be 3000 times more resistant to disease!
  • Gain access to more of your brain and mental faculties
  • Experience accelerated spiritual evolution and expansion
  • Release your unconscious negative beliefs and patterns
  • Look and feel younger 
  • Increase your intuition and psychic abilities
  • Shift out of fear and doubt with so much ease
  • Expand your ability to give and receive unconditional love
  • Detoxify at the physical, spiritual and emotional levels
  • Improve your communication with Creator/God, Spirit guides and your Higher Self

NOTE: This series has been completely recreated in April 2021, so if you are attuned to the previous version, this is brand new energy (the original energy is still intact as well)

DNA Awakening 1

Phase One – Clearing the inoculation (meaning: to implant a microorganism into), experimentation and “shutting off” of etheric DNA, including the traumas from experimentation on DNA.

DNA Awakening 2

Phase Two – Clearing the Genetic Defects within DNA strands 

DNA Awakening 3

Phase Three- Awakening the Etheric / Spiritual DNA
*This process happens overtime at an individual level. It is beneficial to run this Alignment regularly and after big integrations & spiritual upgrades

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